Social Competences in Project and Process Management

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G16E0501 Z 3 0P+2C English
It is not possible to register for the course G16E0501 if the student is concurrently registered for or has previously completed the course 32ME-P-SCOM-01 (mutually exclusive courses).
The requirement for course G16E0501 can be fulfilled by substitution with the course 32ME-P-SCOM-01.
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Institute of Management Studies

The credit is granted for preparing and presenting a PowerPoint presentation (about 10-15 minutes) by a student or a team of two students on a topic related to social competencies in project, process, and people management, for example:

- how to set up a strategy for negotiation;

- how to select the right people for the team;

- how to improve communication within the team;

- how to select the right techniques and tools in project management;

- how to cope with different cultures and values across the teams;

- how to make decisions in the meetings;

- how to conduct a selection interview;

- how to conduct a performance review meeting;

- how to apply different leadership styles;

- how to provide constructive feedback;

- how to manage poor performance;

- how to deal with negative behavior;

- how to motivate team members to high performance;

- how to deal with conflicts in the team;

- how to manage stress in the workplace;

- how to manage team members working from home.

Students can choose any topic they like. They can think up their topic. The design of the presentation is up to the students. They will present their work during the last seminar. A student or one of the team members will upload the team PowerPoint presentation into Moodle on the day of the presentation. The name of the file will be as follows: Last name_presentation or Last name 1_Last name 2_presentation (e.g., Novak_presentation or Novak_Smith_presentation).

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction, IPMA model, perspective competencies

2. Negotiations and result orientation (MBTI)

3. Project staffing, selection, motivation, releasing

4. Power and interest, culture and value

5. Techniques and methods in Project Management, brainstorming, and decision making

6. Leadership

7. Teamwork

8. Performance management and feedback

9. Workplace communication, conflicts, and crisis

10. Personal development plan, self-management

11. Presentation of semestral presentations

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

The course is focused on the development of skills in managing projects, processes, and people in the organization. Through seminars, students will learn effective principles and practices for efficient project, process, and people management in the organization.

Study materials:

Presentations, case studies and other seminar materials.

Further information:
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