Industry 4.0

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Institute of Management Studies

I. Annotation

The subject „Industry 4.0“ deals with the topic of the fourth industrial revolution, explains concepts, terms and trends in this area. It deals with the history of industrial revolutions, current trends as well as individual technological breakthroughs that are typical for Industry 4.0. It analyzes the effects of „Industry 4.0“ on the economy and society as a whole. Last but not least, it deals with the role of the state in the creation of economic and industrial policy, the need for which is generated by „Industry 4.0“.


IV. Graduation Requirements

Credit – participation in exercises and test

Exam - defense of the seminar paper

Syllabus of lectures:

III. Lecture topics:

1. Introduction to the issue (history, basic development trends, first three industrial revolutions)

2. What is the fourth industrial revolution about?

3. Czech and foreign initiatives responding to the fourth industrial revolution

4. Technological assumptions and visions (Internet of things, big data analysis, autonomous robots, data stores)

5. Directions for further development (artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing, new technologies)

6. Security of systems and the role of the state (need for certifications)

7. Legal and regulatory aspects of Industry 4.0

8. Impacts on the labor market - Work 4.0

9. Impacts on education – Education 4.0

10. Industry 4.0 and its connection to energy and material resources

11. Investments and research supporting Industry 4.0

12. Discussion with an expert from practice (round table)

13. Presentation of assigned seminar papers

14. Credit test

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

II. Goal of the study:

After successfully completing the course, students will be able to:

1. characterize „Industry 4.0“, its main trends and existing problems;

2. describe the basic microeconomic and macroeconomic contexts of Industry 4.0, characterize the main approaches, specific tools and methods that operate in the field or influence it;

3. analyze the impact of Industry 4.0 on the current and future strategic position of companies and the impact on the economy and society as a whole

Study materials:

VI. Literature:

Mařík, V.: Industry 4.0: Challenge for the Czech Republic, Management Press, Prague 2016 (mandatory)

Collective of authors: National initiative PRŮMYSL 4.0 Prague, MPO, 2016 (recommended)

Schwab, K.: The fourth industrial revolution. London, Portfolio Penguin, 2017, ISBN 978-0-241-30075-6 (recommended)

Collective of authors: Empowering Sustainable Industrial 4.0 Systems With Machine Intelligence, IGI Global, Hershey Pennsylvania 2022, ISBN 9781799892021 (recommended)

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