Storage and Filesystems

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Department of Computer Systems

The student will learn principles and current solutions of storage systems architecture.

The module explains principles of data store, protection, and archiving, as so as storage scaling, load balancing and high availability.


Basis of operating systems (scripting languages) and C language programming

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Physical and organizational principles of information store and transfer.

2. Hierarchy of data interfaces (storage stack), storage architectures.

3. Storage buses and networks, storage protocols.

4. Performance and data protection scaling: RAID 0, 1, 0+1, and 1+0, examples.

5. Performance and data protection scaling: RAID 5 and 6, Read-Solomon scheme.

6. Volume Management: classic and virtual approaches.

7. Classic file systems.

8. Archiving, Hierarchical storage systems, Deduplication.

9. Journaling and replication in file systems and databases.

10. Log-structures file systems.

11. Network file systems.

12. Distributed storages and file systems, parallel and cluster file systems.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Disk and RAID properties: Disksim simulator, reald disks measuring.

2. Project assignment, discussion and consultations.

3. Storage network configuration: simsan emulator.

4. Storage configuration: HP, IBM and Oracle storage emulators.

5. The first project checkpoint, consultations.

6. Traditional file systems: Flexible Filesystem Benchmark (FFSB).

7. Log-structured file systems: ZFS and BTRFS.

8. The second project checkpoint, consultations.

9. Network storages: iSCSI, ...

10. Network file systems: NFS, SMB, WebDAV.

11. Cluster file systems.

12. Project presentations.

Study Objective:

The objective of this module is to introduce techniques of data manipulation in all architectural levels and principles of modern data storage for cloud computing.

After completion of the module, the student will understand storage infrastructure that meets availability, high availability, data protection, and scalability requirements given by business needs in firms or organizations. This knowledge and skills are needed mainly for infrastructure architects, IT technology consultants, system administrators, or similar.

Study materials:

Jacob, Bruce and Ng, Spencer and Wang, David: „Memory Systems: Cache, DRAM, Disk“: Part III. Disk, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers Inc., 2007

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