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02MECH Z 4 4+2 Czech
The course 02MECHZ can be graded only after the course 02MECH has been successfully completed.
In order to register for the course 02ELMA, the student must have successfully completed or received credit for and not exhausted all examination dates for the course 02MECH.
Garant předmětu:
David Břeň
David Břeň, Iskender Yalcinkaya
Jana Brotánková, David Břeň, Antonín Hoskovec, Michal Jex, Tereza Lehečková, Martin Malachov, Jan Masák, Jaroslav Novotný, Filip Petrásek, Šárka Salačová, Josef Schmidt, Stanislav Skoupý, Iskender Yalcinkaya
Department of Physics

ntroduction to physics, physical quantities and units. Particle kinematics, basic types of motion and theirsuperposition. Particle dynamics, one-dimensional equations of motion, motion in central force field, forces innoninertial reference frames. Mechanics of system of free particles, two-body problem, collisions. Mechanics ofrigid body, rotation. Fundamentals of continuum mechanics, elasticity, hydrodynamics. Sound.


Secondary school knowledges.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Kinematics. Acceleration. Superposition of motions.

2. Newton ́s laws, force, impulse, work, power, energy.

3. One-dimensional motion, harmonic oscillator.

4. Resonance. Mathematical pendulum.

5. The field of central force. Kepler ́s problem.

6. Noninertial frames of reference, inertial forces.

7. Conservation of momenta and energy.

8. Two-body problem, collisions and scattering.

9. Rigid body, moment of inertia.

10. Gyroscopes, Euler ́s equations.

11. Fundamentals of continuum mechanics.

12. Elasticity, Hooke ́s law.

13. Equilibrium and motion of fluids, sound propagation.

Syllabus of tutorials:

Solving problems to illustrate the theory from the lecture

Study Objective:

Knowledge: to learn the basic of machanics, to solve simple equation of motion.

Skills: solving if simple equation of motion

Study materials:

Key references:

[1] D. Morin: Introduction to Classical Mechanics: With Problems and Solutions, Cambridge University Press, 2008

[2] J. R. Taylor: Classical Mechanics, University Science Books, 2005

[3] H. Goldstein, Ch. Polle and J.L. Safko, Classical Mechanics, Pearson Education Ltd., 2013

Recommended references:

[4] D. Halliday, D. Resnick, J. Walker: Fundamentals of Physics. J. Wiley 2001

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