Materials Science I.

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2322029 KZ 3 2P+1L Czech
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Department of Materials Engineering

History and present state of materials engineering, overview of technical materials, internal structure of metals, crystal lattices and their defects, deformation, recrystallization and fracture of materials, structure and properties of materials and their testing, fundamentals of thermodynamics, phases and phase transformations, iron-carbon phase diagram.


100% presence at all 4 laboratory training courses, elaboration of measurement protocols, individual project (2-4 pages) submitted, passing ungraded assessment test at end of term

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Introduction (history, use of materials, outlooks, technical, economical and environmental aspects, significance of materials science course)

2.Theoretical fundamentals of materials science (atomic and molecular structure, interatomic and intermolecular bonds)

3.Physical and chemical properties

4.Crystal lattices and their defects, Miller indices

5.Stress and strain

6.Development of failures and fracture

7.Mechanical properties and their testing (special emphasis on - fracture mechanics, fatigue, creep and relaxation)

8.Recovery and recrystallization

9.Technological properties (informative), surface and internal defects and their identification (informative)

10.Fundamental thermodynamic terms and laws

11.Heat and mass transfer

12.Phases and phase transformations

13.Binary and ternary equilibrium diagrams

14.Iron-carbon phase diagram

Syllabus of tutorials:

Tensile testing of steel, Hardness measurement

Impact fracture test, Cast iron tests

Presentation of individual task, ungraded assessment test

Study Objective:

Acquaintance of students with basic structural and mechanical properties of materials, phase transformations and equilibrium diagrams

Study materials:

Macek, K., Zuna, P. et al. : Engineering materials, 1st. Ed. ,CTU Publishing House, Prague, 2003, (In Czech), Macek, K. et. al. : Materials science. Training courses, 1st. Ed. ,CTU Publishing House, Prague, 2004, 89 pp. (In Czech), 3.Ptáček, L. et al. : Materials Science I., Academic Publishing House CERM, Brno, 2003, 516 pp. (In Czech), 4.Ptáček, L. et al. : Materials Science II., Academic Publishing House CERM, Brno, 1999, 350 pp. (In Czech), 5.Callister, W.D.,Jr. : Material science and engineering: an introduction, J.Willey & sons, N.Y., 1994 (In English)

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