Czech for Foreigners - Beginners 3

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Code Completion Credits Range Language
04XCESZ3 Z 2 2S Czech
It is a condition for enrolment in course 04XCESZ3 that the student must have received credit for the course 04XCESZ2 in a previous semester
The course 04XCESZZK can be graded only after the course 04XCESZ3 has been successfully completed.
Garant předmětu:
Jana Kovářová
Jana Kovářová
Department of Humanities and Languages

The course further develops the language and communication competences acquired in the XCESZ1 and XCESZ2 courses. The teaching focuses on building up basic vocabulary, correct pronunciation, deepening grammar, including grammar practice, and introducing Czech culture. Students are asked to produce simple texts and they practise frequent types of dialogue. They also practise understanding texts in terms of main ideas or looking for specific details in texts. The course covers roughly lessons 5-7 in „Čeština expres 1“.


completion of XCESZ2

Syllabus of lectures:

time (hour, day, week)


modal verbs

“rád dělat” construction

past tense

verbs: znát, vědět, umět

prepositions: v, na, u, o

locative singular

Topics: When is it? When are we going to meet? What do you like doing?, famous Czechs, What did you do last night? Where were you? What happened? Where did you go on holiday?

Syllabus of tutorials:

The course is run as a series of seminars following the topics and scope of the syllabus mentioned above.

Study Objective:

The aim of the course is to equip the student (non-Slavic speaker) with linguistic and cultural competences in order to orient and respond in common communicative situations.

Study materials:

Key references:

[1] HOLÁ, Lída, BOŘILOVÁ, Pavla. Čeština expres 1. Praha: Akropolis, 2015.

[2] BOCCOU KESTŘÁNKOVÁ, Marie, ŠTĚPÁNKOVÁ, Dagmar a VODIČKOVÁ, Katedřina. Čeština pro cizince: úroveň A1 a A2. Brno: Edika, 2020.

[3] http://prirucka.ujc.cas.cz/

Recommended references:

[4] REŠKOVÁ, Ivana, PINTAROVÁ, Magdalena. Communicative Czech: elementary Czech. Brno: I. Rešková, 2009.

[5] HRONOVÁ, Karla a HRON, Josef. Čeština pro cizince = Czech for foreigners: A1-A2, B1: mini/medium. Praha: Didakta, 2008.

Teaching aids:

language classroom, audivisuals

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