Russian for Advanced Students P3

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Code Completion Credits Range Language
04XRP3 Z 2 0+2 Czech
It is a condition for enrolment in course 04XRP3 that the student must have received credit for the course 04XRP2 in a previous semester
The course 04XRPZK can be graded only after the course 04XRP3 has been successfully completed.
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Department of Humanities and Languages

The course is based on RP2 and is mainly focused on working with technical and scientific texts (reading comprehension, oral and written paraphrasing, translation).

The RP1 - RP3 courses require good previous knowledge of general language at secondary level (listening, reading, correct communication in everyday situations). The courses develop and expand these skills. Further study is aimed at professional and technical skills (reading technical literature according to the students´ specialization, oral and written interpretation). Students develop their subtechnical vocabulary and practice quick and correct communication in professional situations. They will be able to both speak write accurately and with confidence on technical topics.


a pass in course RP2

Syllabus of lectures:

Individual study, consultations with the teacher.

1. independent study of the key textbook and materials from the student´s field

2. selected materials from the recommended textbook Dogovorilis (according to the student´s needs)

3. texts from Učebnice současné ruštiny:10,14,19,20

Syllabus of tutorials:

The course is run as a series of seminars following the topics and scope of the syllabus mentioned above.

Study Objective:


Knowledge of morphology, syntax, and lexis at the level appropriate to the course, namely: grammar typical of professional style of science (passives, perfectivity, verbal adjectives, gerunds, specific syntax), vocabulary of technology according to the student´s specialization, revision and expansion of important idioms


their application in everyday communication and in more professional contexts, namely:to read/understand, summarize, interpret and translate specialized text(e.g., instruction for use), write a well organized text based on facts, take part in a discussion, explain one´s point of view, write up and deliver a presentation, evaluate the performance of fellow students according to given criteria

To qualify for admission to examination

Study materials:

Key references:

[1] I. Dvořáková, E. Lhotová, E. Markvartová, Odborná ruština pro matematiky, fyziky a jaderné inženýry

Ediční středisko ČVUT 1990 (textbook)

Recommended references:

[2] T. Kozlova a kol.: Dogovorilis - obchodujeme, podnikáme a komunikujeme v ruštině Fraus Plzeň 2004 (selected materials)

[3] O. Belyntseva, A. Janek: Učebnice současné ruštiny Computer Press Brno 2009 (selected materials)

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