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Institute of Management Studies

The course deals with marketing, marketing strategy and the creation of a marketing campaign in an online environment. After completing this course, students will be able to understand the impact of technology on the traditional marketing mix. Understand how they can use digital marketing to increase sales and grow their business. Understand how to hit the target market in an online environment and set the basic marketing goals of a digital marketing campaign.

Understand the possibilities of measuring and evaluating marketing activities on the Internet, understand the basics of electronic commerce and the possibilities of foreign expansion.

The course is based on the e-learning platform „Digital Garage“, which will allow students to obtain certification in the field of Internet marketing.


Credit requirements:

Active participation and elaboration of individual and group tasks during seminars. E.g. social media management, viral video script, work in Google Analytics, script and implementation of user testing, creation of an e-mailing campaign, etc. It is necessary to get at least 35 points out of 70 possible (50%).

Test requirements:

Theoretical mastery of the topics covered (in the range of lectures, exercises and required literature). The exam will be in written form (open and closed questions) through MS Forms. It is necessary to obtain at least 15 points out of 30 possible from the exam (50%).

To complete the course, it is necessary to perform both parts of the evaluation, ie the exam and credit for at least 50% of possible points.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. The importance of the Internet in marketing

2. Internet marketing tools

3. Search engine marketing

4. Basics of search engine optimization

5. Search advertising

6. Advertising on the content network

7. Basics of email marketing

8. Marketing in social media

9. Online video in marketing

10. Mobile marketing

11. Basics of web analytics

12. Building e-commerce

13. Internet and foreign expansion

Syllabus of tutorials:

Individual and group tasks will be solved at the exercises, which will be evaluated and a credit will be awarded on the basis of the sum of points.

Study Objective:

The aim of the course is to clarify the influence of modern information and communication technologies as an accelerating tool for the development of relationship marketing. Students who successfully complete the course will know the principles of electronic commerce and electronic marketing, including the typology of e-business, e-procurement and especially B2B and B2C marketing. Students will understand the penetration of the Internet into communication activities (Internet advertising, mobile marketing, Internet sales support, social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+).

Study materials:

Google. Digital Garage. E-learning [online]. 2016. Available at: https://digitalnigaraz.withgoogle.com/

[P] CHAFFEY, D., SMITH P. Digital Marketing Excellence: Planning, Optimizing and Integrating Online Marketing. New York: Routledge. 2017.

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[P] KOTLER, P. Marketing 4.0: Moving From Traditional to Digital. John Wiley & Sons, 2017.

[P] WAITE, R. Online Business Startup: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Launching a Fast, Lean and Profitable Online Venture. Rethink Press Limited, 2015.

[D] RYAN, D. Understanding Digital Marketing: Marketing Strategies for Engaging the Digital Generation. Kogan Page, 2016.

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