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141PVTS KZ 5 4C Czech

The course 141PVTS can be graded only after the course 141HYA has been successfully completed.

In order to register for the course 141BAPV, the student must have successfully completed the course 141PVTS.

Garant předmětu:
Petr Sklenář
Aleš Havlík, Martin Králík, Petr Sklenář
Aleš Havlík, Martin Králík, Petr Sklenář
Department of Hydraulics and Hydrology

The watercourses option of this project deals with complex technical intervention on the watercourse and in its catchment area in the form of flow stabilization, flood protection technical measures or flood protection measures close to nature. It also includes the design and construction of a suitable structure on the watercourse depending on the intended intervention on the watercourse. In the hydraulic constructions option, the design of the weir or dam with handling facilities and their variant layout is addressed.


Entry requirements are basic knowledge of hydraulics and hydrology courses.

Syllabus of lectures:

Not applicable.

Syllabus of tutorials:

Option: Design of river channel

1. Introduction, input data (hydrological and hydraulic data, plan view, cross-sections).

2. Analysis of the existing channel condition, proposal of an alternative solution for the channel alignment design or flood control channel, derivation of geometric parameters for channel realignment.

3. Assessment of existing channel capacity.

4. Assessment using channel hydraulics software.

5. Longitudinal profile, bottom stage design.

6. Cross-section design, capacity calculations, and the extent of inundation.

7. Stability of the particle in the channel. Prediction of bend scours and design of bank protection measures.

8. Design of channel protection in template cross-section.

9. Cross profile treatment solution, determination of earthwork volumes.

10. Structure on the watercourse (spillway or bridge structure, culvert, retaining or flood protection walls, protective dams, inlet) – design of the hydraulic structure on the watercourse.

11. Verification of the water level profile for the already proposed intervention in the river channel or for flood protection measures.

12. Overall design drawings - detailed situation, longitudinal profile, template and ordinary cross-section profiles, drawings of the hydraulic structure in the channel, simplified technical report.

13. Consultation, and submission of the finalized design.

Option: Hydraulic structure design

1. Introduction, hydrological input data.

2. Rating curve of the channel below the waterworks.

3. Rating curve of the spillway.

4. Rating curve of one weir.

5. Outlet design.

6. Fish passage design.

7. Control of hydraulic calculations.

8. Stability of the substructure.

9. Static design of the movable gate.

10. Drawings of the movable gate - sections, view.

11. Drawings of the weir - section, plan, situation of wider relations.

12. 3D drawing, technical report

13. Consultation, submission of the finalized project

Study Objective:

The aim is to get familiarized in the basic scope not only with the methods and procedures in the preparation of project documentation but also with the application of the acquired knowledge of river hydraulics, hydraulics of objects, hydrology, hydraulic structures and other related technical and natural disciplines in a complex project.

Study materials:

Essential literature:

Mareš, K. 1997: Úpravy toků: Navrhování koryt. Vyd. 2., Praha: ČVUT. ISBN: 80-01-00903-3.

Čihák, F., Medřický, V. 2001: Hydrotechnické stavby 20. Navrhování jezů, Praha: ČVUT, ISBN: 80-01-02402-4.

Suggested literature:

Patočka, C., Macura, L. a kol. 1989: Úpravy toků. Praha: SNTL. ISBN: 80-03-00203-6.

Escarameia, M. 1998: River and channel revetments: A design manual. Thomas Telford Publ. ISBN: 0-7277-2691-9.

Study aids:

ČSN 01 3469, 75 0120, 75 2310, 75 2340.

TNV 75 2102, 75 2103, 75 2303.

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