Introduction to Optical Networks

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Department of Computer Systems

Students get basic overview of optical networking technology with the emphasis on practical utilization in Internet and in network infrastructures, on possible problems with deployment of optical network technology and on their solutions. The course will include the history of optical communications, an overview of passive components (optical fibres, multiplexors, dispersion compensators, and others), and an overview of active components (optical switches and amplifiers, high-speed coherent transmission systems). The course will also cover the most up-to-date topics presented at premium research conferences, such as ECOC or OFC. Attention will also be paid to new applications, such as the accurate time on Internet, ultrastable frequency transfer, or sensor networks. The labs will focus on real work with optical components and on measurement of their parameters. Students will solve real tasks from practice.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Introduction to the topic, history of optical communication.

2.Optical fibers, their types, applications.

3.Linear effects and their impact on optical signal transmission.

4.Nonlinear effects and their impact on optical signal transmission.

5.The most important measurements: dispersion, loss, optical reflectometry.

6.Passive optical components.

7.Optical signal amplification, types of optical amplifiers.

8.High-speed modulation, transmitters and receivers.

9.New types of transceivers (100/200/400 Gigabit Ethernet).

10.High-speed coherent transmission systems.

11.New non-data applications.

12.Quantum optics and further technological trends.

Syllabus of tutorials:

Schedule of 4 threehour lab blocks:

The labs will také at CTU FEE in optical labs of the Department of electromagnetic field. Modern equipment provided by the colocated CESNET laboratory of optical technology will be available for students.

1. Introduction to basic components of optical networks. Fibers, passive components, active components.

2. Basic measurements used in practical applications of optical networks. Dispersion, losses.

3. 200G coherent system and his basic configuration.

4. Configuration and measurement of transmission optical routes.

Study Objective:
Study materials:


1.G.P. Agrawal: Fiber-Optic Communications Systems, Wiley, 2010.

2.R.Hui, M. O?Sullivan: Fiber Optic Measurement Techniques, Academic Press, 2009.

3.Sborníky konferencí European Conference on Optical Communication a The Optical

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