Networking in English

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U04E0201 ZK 3 0P+2C English
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Institute of Language Studies

Focusing on the practical communicative needs of the students, the aim of the course is to acquire and systematically develop language skills and strategies of effective and appropriate business communication, interaction and behaviour in typical networking situations (personal branding, creation and management of a network of business contacts with people who might help with extension and development of business opportunities) through language analysis, role-plays and practice situations, vocabulary and grammar development, teamwork, and individual feedback. Practical language skills will be systematically developed in contexts and situations relevant to professional work.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction to Networking,

2. Personal Summary/Business Profile,

3. (Business) Pitch

4. Self-presenting: CV in English

5. Formal and Informal Language, Humour, Social Taboos, and Awkward Situations; Cooperating and Giving Feedback

6. Self-presenting/Online Presence: LinkedIn

7. Socializing: Managing Small Talk & Active Listening; Business Contacts, Working Your Contacts

8. Socializing: Personal Branding and Business Etiquette

9. Managing Networking Situations

10. Managing the Follow-up; Student Presentations

11. Pre-test revision/Final Test

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Introduction to networking, basic concepts

2. Question formation (rhetorical, open and closed), intonation & vocal clarity

3. Language of interviews, basic interview strategies

4. Self-marketing and branding, business etiquette

5. Working social media, effective electronic communication (email, Facebook, LinkedIn)

6. Language and strategies of suggestion, explanation and persuasion; negotiations, feedbacks and summaries.

7. Formal vs. informal language for social/business interaction, diplomatic and idiomatic language

8. Presentation skills in English: from public speeches to business small talk & elevator pitch

9. The essentials of intercultural awareness

10. Final test

Examination - Summer semester 2020

This semester, summer 2020, the examination in this subject will také the following forms:

1. Active participation during online sessions. This will be measured by active engagement in the lesson topics. During these sessions, your use of English in communication is tested.

2. Essay writing. This activity will generate some of the material that will form part of the End of Semester Portfolio.

3. Completion of Exercise in the Personal Branding Workbook. This workbook will form part of the End of Semester Portfolio.

4. Completion of Compulsory End of Semester Portfolio. All activities in the portfolio MUST be completed. An incomplete portfolio WILL NOT be assessed.

5. Students will only be awarded „fail“ or „pass“.

6. Students WILL NOT gather marks through other forms of testing/examination.

Study Objective:

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

. effectively contact, keep and manage business and social contacts in English

. choose and apply suitable language tools and strategies with respect to the given context and situation in both personal and electronic communication

. effectively use wide range of communication strategies in both speaking and writing

. analyze discourse and communication strategies in business environment

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