Regional Development and Planning

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G65E2301 Z,ZK 6 2P+2C English
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Institute of Public Administration and Regional Studies

he goal is to understand the reason, mission and specifics of regional and municipal development in the context of European Union as well as Czech Republic, and of planning as a tool of development. Students should know the core European concepts of regional and municipal development. A particular attention will be paid to the Middle-European planning culture and planning system, which is rooted in the mutual interactions between spatial, urban, strategic and environmental planning. Students should perceive development from the perspectives of different stakeholders and professions, and understand the need of cooperation, participation and democracy in practice.


Requirements for semester: active participation at the course (in case of corona online form), developing development plans in teams

Requirements for exam: oral exam including the individual defence of the development plan and additional theory-based questions (in case of corona two ways could be used: preferably defence online via MSteams or alternatively via written comments/answers in delivered second versions of development plans)

Detials of these requirements might be specified according to up-to-date situation and uploaded to Moodle

Syllabus of lectures:

Concepts of municipal/regional development and planning, history and current trends

Democracy, public society and power in municipal/regional development and planning

Communicative and participative planning

Multidisciplinary approach in municipal/regional development and planning

Plan of development, its structure and process

Optional topics to discuss

Syllabus of tutorials:

The concept of this course copies how development plans are created in practice - Students will work both individually and in teams to complete tasks, which will be given during the semester. These tasks will lead to analysing a specific area and suggesting development alternatives for this area. Methods to fulfil the tasks will include participative planning methods among teams, in-the-field observations and public survey, reporting, etc.

Study Objective:
Study materials:


- study materials in Moodle

- Dobrucká, L. (2018): Strategic Development Plans of Cities: Context, Structure and Process (study texts). Prague: Czech Technical University


- Dobrucká, L. et al. (ed.) (2007): Strategický rozvojový plan obce [Strategic development plan of municipality]. Bratislava: Peter Mačura - PEEM, ISBN 978-80-89197-77-4

- Dobrucká, L. et al. (ed.) (2007): Tvorba strategického rozvojového plánu obce [Development of strategic plan of municipality]. Bratislava: Peter Mačura - PEEM, ISBN 978-80-89197-66-8

- Finka,M.(Ed.) (2011): Priestorové plánovanie [Spatial Planning], Road Bratislava, ISBN 978-80-88999-31-7.

- Zákon č.183/2006 Sb. o územním plánování a stavebním řádu

- Zákon č.114/1992 Sb. o ochraně přírody a krajiny

- Zákon č.100/2001 Sb. o posuzování vlivů na životní prostředí (EIA)

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