Programming Languages and Compilers

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BIE-PJP Z,ZK 5 2P+1C English
It is a condition for enrolment in course BIE-PJP that the student must have received credit for the course BIE-AAG in a previous semester
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Department of Theoretical Computer Science

Students master basic methods of implementation of common high-level programming languages. They get experience with the design and implementation of individual compiler parts for a simple programming language: data types, subroutines, and data abstractions. Students are able to formally specify a translation of a text that has a certain syntax into a target form and write a compiler based on such a specification. The notion of compiler in this context is not limited to compilers of programming languages, but extends to all other programs for parsing and processing text in a language defined by a LL(1) grammar.


Knowledge of algorithmics, programming in a high-level language, grammars.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Overview of programming languages, programming paradigms. Compiler structure, virtual machine.

2. Design and implementation of a lexer (lexical analyser).

3. LL(1) grammars, context-free to LL(1) transformation.

4. Implementation of syntax parsing by recursive descent.

5. Translation grammars, pushdown translation automata.

6. Attribute translation grammars.

7. Internal forms of programs, compiling and evaluating expressions.

8. Compiling to a language of a stack machine.

9. Compiling to a syntax tree.

10. Specification and implementation of data types.

11. Compiling typical language constructs.

12. Specification and implementation of subroutines.

13. Specification and implementation of data abstractions.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Lexer design and implementation.

2. Parser implementation using recursive descent.

3. Attribute translation grammars.

4. Compiling to a language of a stack machine.

5. Compiling to a syntax tree.

6. [2] Project consultations.

Study Objective:

The module contains an overview of generic aspects of programming languages and explanation of basic methods of their implementation. Design and program realization are supported with the basic theory of grammars and automatons. For illustration purposes, a simple programming language is defined and its compiler is designed and implemented. There are also explained basic methods of implementation of data types, subroutines and data abstrations.

Study materials:

1. Grune, D., Bal, H., Jacobs, C., Langendoen, K. ''Modern Compiler Design''. Wiley, 2000. ISBN 0471976970.

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