Computer Networks

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Department of Computer Systems

Students understand the basic common techniques, protocols, technologies, and algorithms necessary to communicate in computer networks. The topics are primarily focused on the 2nd to 4th layer of the ISO OSI model. They also get a basic understanding of communication media, security, and network administration. Students will be able to write a simple network application and configure a simple network.


Programming in C, C++, or Java.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Course requirements and organization. History of computer networks. OSI model. Physical layer. Metallic and optic media ? properties, usage, connecting.

2. Link layer: Acknowledging, link layer protocols. Access methods. Network layer. Routing.

3. Interconnecting the networks: hubs, bridges, routers. Transport layer protocols. TCP/IP v4.

4. IPv6: properties, addressing, security, mobility. Flow control, QoS.

5. Directory services: DNS, X.500. Security: principles, symmetric and asymmetric ciphers, digital signature.

6. Network security: rules, firewalls, NAT, ssh, ssl, ipsec, vpn. Special networks: FibreChannel, NAS, SAN.

7. Network administration: SNMP, CMIP, RMON, network monitoring applications. Network configuration ? overview. Conclusion of the course.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Communication in a TCP/IP network. Addressing, address translation, configuration. Communication in a TCP/IP network. BSD socket programming interface. Protocols ? theoretical models, communicating automata, Petri nets. Efficiency of link-level protocols. Assignment 1. File transfer using TCP.

2. Assignment 2. File transfer using UDP. Router configuration ? Linux. Router configuration ? Cisco. Assessment.

Study Objective:

The module is to learn students the architectures and protocols of computer networks and computer network technologies with the focus on the 2nd to 4th ISO OSI layer. The module is also an introduction to network security and network administration.

Study materials:

1. Kurose, J. F., Ross, K. W. ''Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach (4th Edition)''. Addison Wesley, 2007. ISBN 0321497708.

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