English 1

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Code Completion Credits Range Language
104YCA1 Z 1 2C Czech

The course 104YC2A can be graded only after the course 104YCA1 has been successfully completed.

Garant předmětu:
Svatava Boboková Bartíková, Sandra Giormani, Hana Horká
Svatava Boboková Bartíková, Věra Čermáková, Elena Dačeva, Petra Florianová, Jarmila Fučíková, Sandra Giormani, Hana Horká, Petra Martincová, Michaela Németh, Lucie Simerová
Department of Languages

English 1

Course code: 104Y CA1

Scope: 0 + 2 (practical sessions)

Number of credits: 1

Final assessment: credit

The aim of the compulsory English course is to enhance the knowledge of lexis and grammar within the scope of the chosen field of study and university studies in general (Academic English); the overall focus is on professional language (i.e., ESP - technical style) and communicative competence within the construction industry. The course also seeks to teach students to read technical literature and to be able to produce essential written discourse and to express themselves in writing on issues in their field of study. The end of course requirements are a credit.

Literature: Horká Hana, Giormani Sandra, Martincová Petra, Nivenová Renata : Professional English for Civil Engineering (Units 1 - 5)


No prerequisites

Syllabus of lectures:

This course is not a lecture but practical session:

Course code: 104YCA1

Duration: 2 hours / 1 semester

For more information see Outline and Syllabus of Exercises

Syllabus of tutorials:

Sylabus AJ1 / Syllabus for English, course code 104YCA1

Winter semester of each academic year

(note: for Architecture students in the Summer semester)

Study materials: Professional English for Civil Engineering, H. Horká, S. Giormani, P. Martincová, R. Nivenová

Requirements for granting the credit:

. Attendance, minimally 1 oral presentation

. Submitting written assignments (according to the requirements of each given lecturer)

. Passing a credit test - written test

Course plan:

Week 1

Unit 1: Test your knowledge of vocabulary p. 7-9, Reading: Civil Engineering p. 10-12, Grammar: Revision of tenses I

Week 2

Unit 1: Listening: Civil Engineering fields p.13-14, Presentation skills - Introduction, Review p. 16, Grammar: Revision of tenses II

Week 3:

Unit 2: Lead-in, Reading comprehension: The Industrial Revolution - New Materials p. 22-24, Vocabulary development: Properties of building materials p. 24-25

Week 4:

Unit 2: Vocabulary development - continued p. 25-28, Listening: Presentations 2, 3, Review, Grammar: Word order

Week 5:

Unit 3: Lead-in, Reading comprehension: Types of Ready-mix Concrete p. 36-37, Vocabulary development p. 37-38, Grammar: Passive voice

Week 6:

Unit 3: Cement making p. 38-39, Numbers p. 40-42, Listening: Spheres in Architecture

Week 7:

Unit 3: Presentations 4, Review, Unit 4: Lead-in, Reading comprehension: Building Construction p. 50-52,

Week 8:

Unit 4: Vocabulary development exercises p. 53-57, Listening: Skyscrapers

Week 9:

Unit 4: Review, Grammar: Linkers, Unit 5: Lead-in, Reading comprehension: Social Housing p. 65-67

Week 10:

Unit 5: Vocabulary development p. 68-71, Quiz on Modern Architecture p.72

Week 11:

Unit 5: Vocabulary development p. 73-74, Listening: Garden Bridge, Review, Grammar: Clauses

Week 12: Review

Week 13: Credit test

Note: Student presentations on topical issues studied during the lessons are part of each lesson starting from Week 2.

Study Objective:

The aim of the course is to prepare students for basic communication within the civil engineering sector; to consolidate all the necessary grammar and other language skills in the English language from a B1 level upward; to promote students' ability to use the acquired knowledge in practice both professionally as well as academically.

Study materials:

H. Horká, S. Giormani, P. Martincová, R. Nivenová: Professional English for Civil Engineering, nakl. ČVUT v Praze, 2016; Specific resources in the area of ESP and AE

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