Solid State Physics in Civil Engineering

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102YFPL Z 2 1P+1C Czech
Garant předmětu:
Jiří Konfršt
Jiří Konfršt
Jiří Konfršt
Department of Physics

Solids, crystal structure, atomic shell theory, valence layer chemical bonds, dislocation disturbances, critical crack energy,vibration of masses, systems natural frequency of vibration and damped vibration, basics concepts of fracture mechanics, types of fracture, electron microscopes, scanning tunneling microscope, atomic force microscope, diffraction, diffraction methods, semiconductors, p-n junction, photovoltaic effect, solar cells, heat and moisture transport.


no prerequisities

Syllabus of lectures:

Definition of solids,movement and location of the electron, structure of the electron shell, types of bonds between atoms and molecules, chemical bonds (covalent, ionic, metallic, van der Waals, hydrogen), crystal structure, Bravais lattices,crystal structures, dislocations, critical stresses, stress concentration at the crack, methods of structure determination, electron microscopes (TEM - transmission electron microscope, SEM - scanning electron microscope), surface probe microscopes (STM - scanning tunneling microscope, AFM - atomic force microscope), diffraction (X-ray, electron, and neutron diffraction), diffraction methods, semiconductors (intrinsic, extrinsic), p-n junction, diode as a rectifier, LED (light-emitting diode), photovoltaic effect, solar cells, transport phenomena, Fourier and Fick laws, differential equations of heat and moisture transfer.

Syllabus of tutorials:

Excursion to the Institute of Physics of the Acad. Sci. of the Czech Republic (experimental determination of crystal structure, diffraction methods)

Excursion to the Institute of Hydrodynamics of the Acad. Sci. of the Czech Republic (electron microscopy, determination of the concentration of solids in aqueous media using gamma rays, measurement of polymer viscosity)

Laboratories of the Physics Department CTU: measurements of solar cells characteristics, laser microscope (surface roughness determination), study of moisture processes in capillary-porous materials

Measurements of thermic parameters and their changes with moisture content

Study Objective:

Basic information on the solid state physics, on the methods of structural investigations, and on some technically important processes in solids The aim of the course is to broaden the students' knowledge of the physical essence of the discussed processes, which is followed by practical procedures of design and dimensioning of structures in others specialized courses.

Study materials:

Kittel Ch.: Úvod do fyziky pevných látek, Academia, Praha, 1985

Dekker A.J.: Fyzika pevných látek, Academia, Praha, 1966

Bird R.B., Stewart W.E., Lightfoot E.N.: Přenosové jevy, Academia, Praha, 1968

Kraus I.: Struktura a vlastnosti krystalů, Academia, Praha, 1993

Novotný R., Pech P.: Teorie v mechanice spojitých prostředí, ČZU, Praha, 2008

Kunz J.: Základy lineární a nelineární lomové mechaniky pro inženýrskou praxi, ČVUT, 2020

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