Computer analysis in foundation engineering

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135YVZK Z 2 1P+1C Czech
Garant předmětu:
Daniel Jirásko
Jan Pruška, Jan Salák, Daniel Turanský
Linda Černá Vydrová, Jan Pruška, Jan Salák, Daniel Turanský, Jan Valenta, Jiří Vaněček
Department of Geotechnics

Numerical methods in CAD/CAM in geomechanics. Basic types of constitutive models of soil and rock mass behavior.

Summary of PC geotechnical software both in the field of conventional methods and in numerical modelling domain.

Practical solutions of selected geotechnical problems.


135GEMZ, 135ZS01 or 135ZSVT

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Solution of geotechnical problems using computer technology. Principles of building a geotechnical model of the environment. Physical models of soil and rock environments.

2. Mathematical models and solution methods - network method, finite element method.

3. Basic equations of elasticity theory, Isoparametric elements, stiffness matrix, FEM equations.

4. Elastic-plastic solutions - basic concepts, initial stress method.

5. Ideal elastic-plastic material models, Mohr-Coulomb.

6.Input parameters for different types of models.

7. Overview of geotechnical software for PC in the field of classical and numerical methods

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Introduction to the GEO5 environment, calculation of the area foundation

2. Pile calculation in GEO5

3. Calculation of anchored support structures in GEO5

4. Familiarisation with the PLAXIS8 environment and material models

5. Calculation of contact stresses in the soil under a slab foundation FEA

6. Calculation of an unanchored retaining structure with PLAXIS8

7. Consultation, credit

Study Objective:

Application of geotechnical knowledge to design of geotechnical structures using software GEO and PLAXIS, acquaintance with basic conceptions of numeric modelling

Study materials:

Tutorials software GEO5,

Manuals software PLAXIS v8

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