Engineering geology

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135YING Z 2 1P+1C Czech
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Department of Geotechnics

Engineering geological survey methods. Geological and engineering geological maps and profiles. Foundation soils in terms of engineering geology and hydrogeology. Aggressive waters. Rock mass - areas of discontinuities, their evaluation. Deposits of natural building materials. Landslides and slope protection. Engineering geological survey for different types of civil engineering structures. Challenges of urban geology. Engineering geology in environmental design and protection.


Completion of 135GM01.

Requirements for credit: passing a written test at the end of the semester.

Syllabus of lectures:

Week 1: Introduction, importance of engineering geology in civil engineering practice, collaboration between civil engineering geologists, examples from practice.

Week 2: Influence of the Quaternary on rocks and their geomechanical properties.

Week 3: Engineering geology of construction sites, elements of the geological environment, engineering geological model, relation to project preparation.

Week 4: Methods of engineering geological survey (introductory part, direct methods).

Week 5: Methods of engineering geological survey work (indirect methods).

Week 6: Geological and engineering geological maps, profiles.

Week 7: Foundation soils in terms of engineering geology and hydrogeology.

Week 8: Hydrogeological characteristics of the rock environment, influence of groundwater aggressiveness on foundation structures, types of aggressiveness, protection of foundation structures, seepage and pumping tests.

Week 9: Deposits of natural building materials and their prospecting, extractability and disconnectivity of rocks, structural and tectonic characteristics of the rock mass, discontinuity planes and their evaluation.

Week 10: Engineering geodynamics, mass movements and their remediation, practical examples.

Week 11: Engineering geological survey for ground, transport, water management and underground structures, landfill, tailings, etc.

Week 12: Tasks of urban geology in land use planning.

Week 13: Engineering geology in environmental design and protection, influence of anthropogenic activities on the natural environment.

Syllabus of tutorials:

Week 3: Technical standards used in the evaluation of engineering geologic conditions.

Week 4: Design of sounding surveys, their documentation, construction of probe profiles.

Week 6: Geological and engineering geological maps, constructing profiles from maps.

Week 8: Evaluation of hydrogeological data for engineering geological surveys.

Week 9: Measurement of structural features and their practical visualization.

Week 11: Presentation of results of engineering geological survey.

Week 12: Field trip - practical demonstration of survey work.

Study Objective:

Orientation in the concepts of engineering geology and hydrogeology, methods of engineering geological survey, geological and engineering geology maps.

It is recommended to take the 135YTIG field course in engineering geology (1 week).

Study materials:

Záruba Q.: Inženýrská geologie. Academia Praha,

Chamra S., Pacovský, J.: Mechanika hornin a inženýrská geologie - pomůcka pro cvičení, ČVUT Praha, 1990

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