Aircraft systems

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Department of Aerospace Engineering

The course deals with the description of airframe, engine and power systems, their arrangement, principles of operation and how to use them.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Aircraft control systems, categorization according to classification aspects

2.Human control, cybernetic model, executive members of primary and secondary controls, the role of man

3.Control systems of executive members (controls, transmission, power and other members)

4.Active control and automatic control.

5.Fuel systems, their functions (storage, delivery, filling and draining of fuel, aeration, measurement of fuel parameters)

6.Power systems, pneumatic system, power drives, types and elements of the system

7.Pressurization, the effect of height on humans, types of pressurized cabins, methods of pressurization, elements of the system

8.Air conditioning, heat balance of cabins, methods of heating, cooling, system elements

9.Systems for protection against rain and icing, types of systems, methods of indication of icing.

10.Hydraulic systems, arrangement, hydraulic fluid, types and elements of the system, principles of operation.

11.Oxygen system, stable and mobile systems

12.Emergency systems, systems for rescuing crew and passengers, fire-fighting system.

13.Oil systems, coolers and exchangers.

Syllabus of tutorials:

As part of the exercise, students will prepare a separate semester work with a technical description of any aircraft system of a particular aircraft so that in the form of a presentation they will be able to describe the correct terminology, explain the principle of operation and describe its basic parameters. The original documentation for operation and maintenance of the selected type will be used as documents.

The exercise will also organize excursions to one of the facilities operating regular maintenance and repairs of aircraft technology with practical examples of specific aircraft systems.

Study Objective:

To provide survey of types of airframe, propulsion unit and power supply systems, their layout, operating principles and ways of using.

Study materials:

L. Smrček: Aircraft mechanical design and systems, skripta Glasgow University, 1993

Moir, I., Seabridge, A.: Aircraft Systems: Mechanical, Electrical and Avionics Subsystems Integration, AIAA Education Series, USA, 2001

Lombardo D.: Advanced Aircraft Systems, TAB Books, New York, 1993

L. E. Neville: Aircraft designers`data book, McGraw-Hill Book Company, N.Y.,1950

Manuals of Boeing B 737; Airbus 310; 319, 320 a 321, ATR 42, 72 etc.

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