Airplane Structures and Design I.

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Department of Aerospace Engineering

In its first half, the course deals with the description of the results of supporting scientific disciplines for the creation of general procedures in the design and development of aircraft technology, the basic stages of development and technological aspects of aircraft design. In its second half, it describes the design parameters of the wing as the main unit for the creation of lift and tail surfaces. It acquaints students in more detail with all aspects of their design, especially with the ways of their loading and with the ways of transmitting force effects of internal structures.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Supporting scientific disciplines and their role in aircraft design (aerodynamics, load and resistance of structures, aeroelasticity, dynamic response)

2. Supporting scientific disciplines and their role in aircraft design (fatigue life, airframe construction, materials development, propulsion groups)

3. Basic stages of aircraft development

4. Aircraft testing and certification

5. Creation and transmission of shape information

6. Construction manufacturing requirements for aircraft structures

7. Assembling the airframe

8. Wing: selection of aircraft layout and wing location

9. Wing: design of geometric and aerodynamic parameters of wings.

10. Wing: basic data for determining the load of the wing

11. Wing: structural force arrangement of wings, dividing and hinges of wings

12. Tail surfaces: arrangement, design parameters and loading of tail surfaces.

13. Tail surfaces: structural force arrangement of tail surfaces, dividing and hinges of tail surfaces

Syllabus of tutorials:

Exercises are focused on practical exercises in the design of basic airframe sections - wings, tail surfaces, and their mutual arrangement.

The exercise will also organize excursions with practical examples of solutions for the design of real aircraft structures.

Study Objective:
Study materials:

•Roskam, J.: Airplane Design, Roskam Aviation and Engineering Corporation Rt4, Box 274, Otava, Kansas, 1989

•Raymer, P. R.: Aircraft Design: A Conceptual Approach, 3. vydání, Reston VA: AIAA, Inc., 1999, ISBN 1-56347-281-0

•Torenbeek, E.: Synthesis of Subsonic Aircraft Design, Delft: Delft University Press, 1982, ISBN 90-247-2724-3

•Nyu, M.C.Y.: Airframe Structural Design, 8. vydání, Hong Kong: CONMILIT PRESS LTD, 1995, ISBN 962-7128-04-X.

•Stinton, D.: The Designof the Airplane, 2. vydání, Reston VA, AIAA, 2001, ISBN 1-56347-514-6

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