Principles of Flight 2

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21ZKL2 ZK 3 2P+1C Czech
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Přemysl Vávra, Marek Veselý
Přemysl Vávra, Marek Veselý
Department of Air Transport

Static & dynamic longitudinal stability, neutral point, location of centre of gravity, static directional & lateral stability, dynamic directional & lateral stability, control – pitch (longitudinal), yaw (directional) & roll (lateral), roll/yaw interaction, trimming, speed of sound, Mach number, compressibility, shock waves, critical Mach number, aerodynamic heating, operating limitations, manoeuvring envelope, gust-load diagram.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Basic concepts of stability and control, static longitudinal stability - acting forces, position of aerodynamic centre.

2. Static longitudinal stability, wing moment line, contribution of horizontal tail surfaces (VOP) to the airplane's pitching moment.

3. Longitudinal dynamic stability, neutral point.

4. Static and dynamic directional/lateral stability, effect of wing lift, vertical tail surfaces (SOP), effect of wing sweep.

5. Control - general, longitudinal controllability and manoeuvrability of the aircraft, centre of gravity position, methods of influencing control forces, balance.

6. Directional/lateral control and manoeuvrability, influence of control forces, rudder mass balance, spiral divergence.

7. Speed of sound - effect of temperature and altitude, Mach number, compressibility.

8. Subsonic flow, Prandtl-Glauert rule and its application.

9. Shock waves, effects on aerodynamic characteristics, effects of geometry.

10. Critical Mach number, control effectiveness, means to influence critical Mach number.

11. Specifics of supersonic aircraft, aerodynamic heating, buffeting.

12. Operational limitations, aeroelastic phenomena, flutter, manoeuvring envelope, gust envelope, aileron reversion.

13. Propeller - stresses, secondary effects of propeller, gyroscopic moments, asymmetric thrust

14. Repetition, reserve

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

The goal of the course is to explain deeply the principles of aerodynamics with the intention of high-speed aerodynamics.

Study materials:

DANĚK, Vladimír, FILAKOVSKÝ, Karol: Základy letu. Akademické nakladatelství CERM, Brno 2006

BROŽ, Václav: Aerodynamika vysokých rychlostí. Vydavatelství ČVUT. 1995

Peter J. Swatton: Principles of Flight for Pilots. Wiley 2010

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