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Electronic Systems

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W22OZ001 ZK 78P
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Pavel Pačes
Pavel Pačes
Department of Aerospace Engineering

•Integrated Modular Avionics - its development, standardization, architecture and applications (A380, B787).

•Concept of Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) requirements related to the sensor equipment and measurement precision.

•Statistical processing of data from redundant systems. Parallel/serial architectures and their limits. Application on aerospace data. Concept of Failure Detection Isolation and Recovery (FDIR) in parallel redundant systems. Design and development of electronics management and control system for aircraft engines (FADEC).

•Integrated sensor systems, ways of integrating and sharing data. Modeling of sensor systems and their use for status and error detection (FDIR).

•Software and its architectures, design of avionic systems - requirements, analysis of performance, reliability and security. Airworthiness and the life cycle.

•Architecture of aircraft data buses. Aircraft bus ARINC 429, 629, 659. CSDB, ASCB, AFDX bus, MIL-1553, STANAG 3910. Industrial data busses in aviation - CAN, CAN aerospace. High-speed and safe-critical data busses - SpaceWire, TTP, FlexRay, IEEE-1394.

•Methods of analysis and testing of electromagnetic interference and susceptibility (EMI and EMS) of aircraft systems. Design rules for aircraft systems compliant with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

•The certification process in the design of avionics systems - requirements, analysis of performance, reliability and security. Linking of ICAO, EASA, National Air Law legislative, non-transferred products. The Technical Standard Order (TSO) requirements and expected outcomes in SW certification according to DO-178 and HW certification according to DO-160. Examples.

•Simulation systems and their categories. Ground proximity warning systems (GPWS).

•Cyber security, data access, security in airborne systems and air traffic control data sharing.

•Electric propulsion and drives, actuators, batteries, power budget, power delivery systems.

•Navigation systems and their integration into Air Traffic Control services.

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Study materials:

•Cary R. Spitzer: The Avionics Handbook (Electrical Engineering Handbook), CRC Press, 2007, ISBN: 978-0-


•Jitendra R. Raol: Multi-Sensor Data Fusion, CRC Press, 2009, ISBN 9781439800034.

•Erik Blasch, DRDC Valcartier, Eloi Bosse, DRDC Valcartier, Dale Lambert: High-Level Information Fusion

Management and Systems Design, Artech House, 2012, ISBN: 978-1-60807-151-7.

•Study materials are available online at homepage of department 12122.

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