Application of ITS in Urban Engineering

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Code Completion Credits Range
20AIMI Z,ZK 6 3P+3C
Garant předmětu:
Josef Filip, Jiří Růžička, Tomáš Tichý
Josef Filip, Jiří Růžička, Tomáš Tichý
Department of Transport Telematics

The course focuses mainly on the issue of the installation of engineering networks in the area, coordination of engineering activities in the area, organization of the public space, concept of public space solutions, design of systems for traffic and transport telematics management, coordination of transport modes - automobil, pedestrian, MHD, cyclo, modes etc. New approaches to the development of Smart and green approaches Promoting into Public.


Zápočet: Attendance at seminars at least 70%, submission of the project, including the presentation of results to students within the course.

Zkouška:Written test with open and closed questions and a subsequent oral exam of the subject (especially what was in the lectures). It is not possible to take the exam from the subject without credit.

Syllabus of lectures:
Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

The students will get acquainted with basic elements of urbanism, urban engineering, ITS and their applications of forming a street network of municipalities and towns, providing the skills and knowledge of the urban engineer as a coordinator of technical activities in the urban environment.

Study materials:

vítek M., Postránecký M. a kol.: Města budoucnosti, Nadatur, Praha 2018, ISBN 978-80-7270-058-5.

Šrytr P. a kol.: Městské inženýrství 1 a 2, Academia, Praha 2001, ISBN 80-200-0440-8

Jirava P., Slabý P.: Pozemní komunikace 10 - Dopravní inženýrství, ČVUT 1997.

Přibyl P., Svítek M.: Inteligentní dopravní systémy, BEN, Praha 2001, ISBN 80-7300-029-6.

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