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Diagnostics of Railway in Relation to Noise Measurement

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D37DJD_EN ZK 1P+1C English
Garant předmětu:
Lenka Lomoz
Ondřej Bret, Lenka Lomoz, Petra Váňová
Ondřej Bret, Lenka Lomoz, Petra Váňová
Department of Railway Structures

The subject focuses mainly on the diagnostics of railway tracks in railway and tram lines.

Within the theoretical part of the subject, students will focus on diagnostics and classification of surface defects of rails influencing the acoustic situation in the vicinity of the railway track during the passage of a vehicle. In addition, the concepts of rail wear and track maintenance will be explained within the subject. Students will be acquainted with the methods of non-destructive testing of the rails and the system of tracking of rail defects. They will become acquainted with the basic methods of defectoscopy with a focus on the measurement of wavelength and roughness of the rails heads, which are crucial methods in the contemporary implemented pan-European methodology of Cnossos.

In the practical part, the students will learn the basics of the measurement of the rail corrugation and the roughness of the rails. As part of the field measurements, the student will, with support of a teacher, collect data using equipment for measuring rail corrugation and roughness of the rails. The measured data will be evaluated by a student. The practical output will be the processed measurement protocol.


There are no prerequidites.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Diagnostics of rails

2. Rail defects – rail defect registration system

3. Rail wear

4. Maintenance of the carriageway

5. Non-Destructive Rail Testing (NDT)

6. Defectoscopy – measurement of waviness and roughness of the rail

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Familiarization with the device for measuring the waviness and roughness of the rail

2. – 4. Measurements in the field

5. – 6. Postprocessing – evaluation of measurement data

7. Presentation of results

Study Objective:

Gaining specialized, narrowly specified knowledge in the area of noise issues in rail transport.

Study materials:

!Krejčiříková, H.: Railway structures, part 1, ČVUT, 2020, ISBN 978-80-01-06157-2.

!V.A.Profillidis: Railway management and Engineering, 2006,ISBN: 978-0-7546-4854-3.

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!Jens Trampe Broch: Acoustic noise measurements, 1975, ISBN 87 87355 00 0.

?H.Funke: Rail grinding, 1992, SPENO international SA.

?SZDC (CD) S 3/4 „Non-destructive testing of rails“.

?SZDC (CD) S 2/3 „Organization and execution of track inspections“ Article 68 with reference to Appendix 1.

?CNOSSOS-EU Common Noise Assessment Methods in EU, 2012.

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