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D37MNSP ZK Czech
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Leoš Horníček
Leoš Horníček
Leoš Horníček
Department of Railway Structures

The subject is focused on a detailed study of the design of sleeper subgrade construction in the Czech Republic and Europe, including protection against climatic effects and the influence of groundwater. The aim of the course is to acquaint students with special materials for use in the construction of sleeper subsoil (geosynthetics, hydro- and thermal insulation materials, anti-vibration elements), with sleeper subsoil faults and methods of their removal. Part of the course is familiarization with selected instruments and devices for analyzing the quality of sleeper subsoil and their practical use.


Knowledge of the topic of railway constructions from the master's degree.

Syllabus of lectures:

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Syllabus of tutorials:

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Study Objective:

The goal is to familiarize doctoral students with the issue of designing sleeper subgrade construction in the Czech Republic and Europe. The student will be introduced to new materials in sleeper substructure, including materials newly used in the field of recycling. The study has a combined form of lectures, seminars and laboratory practices. The result of the study is the presentation of a written seminar paper and its defense associated with the exam.

Study materials:

Mandatory literature:

Correia, A.G., Momoya, Y., Tatsuoka, F. Design and Costruction of Pavements and Rail Tracks. London: Taylor & Francis

Indraratna, B., Salim, W., Rujikiatkomjorn Ch. Advanced Rail Geotechnology – Ballasted Track. London: Taylor & Francis Group, 2011, ISBN 978-0-415-66957-3.

Recommended literature:

Ižvolt L. Železničný spodok. Namáhanie, diagnostika, navrhovanie a realizácia konštrukčných vrstiev tělesa železničního spodku. Žilina: EDIS – vydavateľstvo ŽU, 2008, ISBN 978-80-8070-802-3.

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