Introduction to Transportation Facilities Engineering

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136UDST ZK 2 2P Czech
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Ludvík Vébr
Lenka Lomoz, Ludvík Vébr
Department of Road Structures

The subject is designed as a course containing basic knowledge of transport construction. The lectures are divided into two parts, road (9 lectures) and railway (4 lectures).

In the road part, students will learn about the Road Act and related legislative and technical regulations, their impact on road design. Design categories of roads and highways, design speed, alignment and elevation, road and highway layout in cross section, earthwork - dimensions, shapes, drainage. Urban roads, division and designation, definition of MK space, differences in design, operation and equipment. Pavement, division, design principles. Safety equipment, junctions and crossings.

In the lectures devoted to rail transport, basic terminology from the field of rail transport, design parameters of the track, basic shapes of the earth body, composition of the railway top and bottom, including the Act on Railways, will be presented. Furthermore, the basic design parameters of urban rail transport - trams and subways, history, principles and principles of tram line and subway construction will be presented. The interaction of rail transport with the environment will be mentioned. The final lecture will be devoted to railway geodesy, geodetic foundations for ensuring the spatial location of the track.


There are no requirements.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Transport - division, basic types. Basic regulations, Road Act.

2. Design elements - speed, sight lines, directional and height elements.

3. Route, territory, routing conditions. Directional curves and crosswalks.

4. Elevation design - design conditions, max. and min. grades, elevation curve.

5. Width arrangement of the PK, cross section, earthwork, drainage, safety devices on the PK.

6. Pavement - division, types, functions and materials of layers, design of pavement structure according to the catalogue.

7. Urban roads, traffic areas, parking.

8. Existing condition survey requirements, supporting documents, monitoring during construction, inspection of actual construction.

9. Software for road designing, necessary documents. BIM in transport construction and its use on construction sites.

10. Characteristics of types of rail transport, parameters of height and directional guidance of routes.

11. Transverse arrangement and management of rail transport routes.

12. Structural layout of tracks, high-speed transport, public transport.

13. Railway geodesy, geodetic documents and ecological aspects of transport structures.

Syllabus of tutorials:

The course does not include exercises.

Study Objective:

The student will learn the basics of road design and pavement design. The student will learn how to work with project documentation and will be able to design (or assess the correctness of the design) a pavement structure for simple conditions.

The aim is to provide students with a basic orientation in the field of rail transport with a focus on issues related to the design and construction of individual types of rail transport.

Study materials:

- Slabý, Uhlík, Havlíček: Dopravní inženýrství I, skripta, ČVUT v Praze, 2011, ISBN 978-80-01-04856-6

- Zajíček a kolektiv: Technologie stavby vozovek - kniha, Sdružení pro výstavbu silnic Praha, 2016, ISBN: 978-80-87438-59-6

- Krejčiříková, H.: Železniční stavby 1, 1. část, skripta, ČVUT v Praze, 2017, ISBN 978-80-01-06157-2

- HCM 2010: Highway Capacity Manual. 5th ed. Washington, D.C.: Transportation Research Board, 2010, ISBN 978-0-309-16077-3

- Ižvolt, L., Hodas, S., Šestáková, J.: Železničné stavitelstvo 1, kniha, EDIS, Žilina, 2015, ISBN 978-80-554-1122-4

- ČSN 73 6101 Projektování silnic a dálnic

- ČSN 73 6360 Konstrukční a geometrické uspořádání koleje železničních drah a její prostorová poloha

- Presentations from lectures, pdf format, provided via MS Teams

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