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Information and Communication Technologies in Education

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U63C4402 Z,ZK 6 16B Czech
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Institute of Economic Studies

Not only the significant development of science and technology has a fundamental influence on the transformation of didactic means. Nowadays, they occupy an increasingly important place in the activities of both teacher and pupil in teaching. Even in the future, it can be assumed that their position in the educational process can be strengthened as science and technology develop. Didactic means is also another basic didactic category. In this course we will focus on the basic characteristics, overview of didactic resources and didactic function and categorization of teaching aids. In many technical subjects, pupils often work in laboratories, so the didactics of laboratory work (classical, remote, virtual) and its specifics are included. We will focus in more detail on the motivation in the laboratory, preparation of laboratory tasks and tasks for practical activities and verification of students' readiness for laboratory tasks. Intensification of education currently puts the relationship between teacher and modern electronic techniques in a different position. It is necessary to address the question: „How should a good teacher use electronic learning opportunities in order to increase the didactic effectiveness of his / her pedagogical activities?“.


Basic ICT literacy.

The ability to orientate in solving the questions of the teaching process.

Apply the acquired knowledge to the teaching of vocational subjects.

Syllabus of lectures:
Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

Specifically to formulate the involvement of didactic resources in selected curriculum at the level of teaching units.

Understand the differences between virtual and remote laboratory, augmented and virtual reality and be able to apply them to solving selected technical tasks.

Characterize basic concepts, cognitive process, basic concepts of program learning.

Formulate suitable tasks for their expertise.

To select and justify a suitable laboratory task according to the focus of the course.

To orientate in possibilities of using different didactic means in vocational education.

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