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Philosophy 2

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B0M16FI2 Z,ZK 4 2P+2S Czech
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Department of Economics, Management and Humanities

The course is oriented on the transdisciplinar aspects of philosophy, informatics, physics, mathematics and biology.


Completion of Philosophy I or equivalent course on ancient philosophy

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Introduction - explanation of basic concepts and problems.Common roots of science and philosophy.

2.Common roots of science and philosophy, Role of language on the way of thinking. (myths, fairytales, religion, philosophical and scientific thinking).


4.E. Mach, analitic philosophy, philosophy of mind.

5.Soul and body, various philosophy

6.Evolution, in biology and cosmology

7.Questions about determinism .

8. Holism and eastern thinking

9. Biology and Physics.

10.Philosophical aspects of physics

11.Vacuum paradox, .

12.Philosophical aspects of mathematics, infinity.

13.Philosophical aspects of informatics.

14.Questions concerning ,alternative cognition", scepticism

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Role of language on the way of thinking.

2.Myths, fairytales, religion, philosophical and scientific thinking.

3.Discussion on the relation between technology and art. What is metaphysics?

4.Information, entropy and physics.

5.Can machines think and feel?

6.Transdisciplinar aspects of biology and live science.

7.Non-locality, teleportation, the problem of identity.

8.Time and space in physics and philosophy.

9.Problem of reductionism in science and in general thinking.

10.Comparison between „Eastern“ and „Western“ thinking.

11.Some topic psychotherapeutic methods.

12.Healing, parapsychology and critical reasoning

13.,Alternative cognition", discussions of criteria of scientific knowledge.

14.Present-day philosophers and new ways of philosophy.

Study Objective:
Study materials:

1.Barrow, J.D. Theory of Everything, Cambridge, 1993

2.Capra, F. The Tao of Physics, New York: Bantam Books.1984

3. Zamarovský P., The Grand Design, Organon F XX, 1, Bratislava, Praha 2013

4. Zamarovský P., Cosmos, time and creation, Acta Polytechnica, 50, 6, CTU, Praha 2010

5. Prigogine I., Stangers I., Order out of Chaos, Bantam New Age Books 1984

6. Hawking S., Mlodinow L., The Grand Design, Bantan book, London 2011

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