System Security

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Department of Information Security

Students will familiarize themselves with the actual ICT security needs in all ICT disciplines. Students will gain knowledge of typical network attacks and protection against them, together with essential communication encryption techniques. They will learn how to work with certain aspects of encryption techniques - passwords and certificates. After that, students will learn the basics of anti-virus, anti-spam and heuristic analyses used in modern anti-virus solutions or Unified Threat Management (UTM) based solutions. They will also learn the principles of securing websites, web applications and databases. Upon completion of the module, students will have a broad overview of IT security and will be able to apply it to the integration of various software systems and applications.


Fundamentals of computer networks, basic knowledge of cryptography, basics of assembly language programming.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Security and operating system certification, process security, user roles.

2. Securing file system.

3. Network security on a global scale.

4. Security on the layer of network infrastructure.

5. Network services: ISO/OSI model, application layer, authentification, authorization.

6. Complex deployment of antivirus and antispam solutions.

7. Firewall, IPS.

8. Endpoint security.

9. Content filtering.

10. WiFi security.

11. Methods of attacks.

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

Students learn the principles of system security. They acquire knowledge of the rules and policies for information systems security. They will have an overview of the safe management and use of low-level layers of operating systems and network structures. They become familiar with the safety aspects of modern trends in providing distributed network services: cloud, mobile and smart devices, Internet of Things.

Study materials:

1. Howard, M., LeBlanc, D. ''Writing Secure Code (2nd Edition)''. Microsoft Press, 2003. ISBN 0735617228.

2. Kaeo, M. ''Designing Network Security (2nd Edition)''. Cisco Press, 2004. ISBN 1587051176.

3. Lam, K., LeBlanc, D., Smith, B. ''Assessing Network Security''. Microsoft Press, 2004. ISBN 0735620334.

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