Advanced Information Systems

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Department of Software Engineering

Students learn the notion of business process logic and its formalization, with business process roles, business rules, and data processing, with the notion of service oriented company, enterprise services and service solution of business logic. They get acquainted with these notions also for the other types of ISs. They learn about agility and adaptivity and using of artificial intelligence methods for implementation of these ideas in ISs. They understand modern object-oriented methodologies for modelling of business processes, business rules, processed data, and enterprise ISs. They will get the rules and technologies for successful implementation of IS.


Prerequisites: Knowledge of working with Unix / Linux and MS Windows operating systems on a common user level, basic knowledge of UML and ability to work in a group is expected. # Materials for teaching the course during the semester are on the website https://courses.fit.cvut.cz/MI-PIS/en

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An important module for understanding the role, functionality, architectures and implementation methods for information systems in enterprises and the public sector administration. Key for understanding of the patterns and requirements of connection between the world of ICT and business in modern institutions and firms.

Study materials:

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