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Meteorology 2

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Code Completion Credits Range Language
21MET2 Z,ZK 5 2P+2C Czech
Garant předmětu:
Iveta Kameníková
Iveta Kameníková
Department of Air Transport

Climatic zones, tropical climatology, meteorological situation of mid-latitudes. Icing, turbulence, wind shear, thunderstorms, tornadoes, flying in the stratosphere, mountain areas, reducing visibility phenomena. Observation, weather maps, important information for flight planning.


Attendance - a maximum of two absence from lectures and exercises are excused.

The third absence can be replaced by the elaboration of a semester work on given topic, in the range of 10 A4 pages. The third absence may be substituted by a high quality semester essay on 10 standard pages of the text. In addition, the work must also have a title, content and list of sources. The lecturer approves it.

In case of cancellation of the lecture and the exercise (and no substitution) on the side of lecturer (force majeure, public holiday), student may substitute the „absence“ in the form of semester essay as well.

Tasks during the semester - During the semester, each student will prepare a total of 4 semester exercises on a given topic in the range of 2 pages of A4 format.

Semester work - During of the semester, each student will prepere one work in the range of 5 pages A4 format on given topic, the work must also have a title, content and list of sources. Student will present this work on the exercises.

Credit format - Final test - a test in the range of 60 questions, with a minimum success rate of 75%, with answers of type a.), b.), c.), d). Only one answer is correct.

Exam format - The exam is oral, 5 questions, individual preparation in the range of 12 minutes, oral description of the questions, supplementary questions of the examiner (in the scope of the both semester) to demonstrate an understanding of the subject matter.

Other important information - NIL.

Syllabus of lectures:
Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

Introduce students to the basics of climatology, nature and manifestations of dangerous phenomena in the atmosphere and the distribution system of meteorological information. Ensure university experts prepared to work with the airlines.

Study materials:

Jeppessen: 050 Meteorology

Annex 3 „Meteorological Service for International Air Navigation

Peter. F Lester – Aviation Meteorology

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