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Code Completion Credits Range
21MRG KZ 3 1P+1C+10B
Iveta Kameníková
Iveta Kameníková
Department of Air Transport

Structure of atmosphere. Vertical stratification. Pressures QNH, QFE, QFF, QNE. Instability. Atmospherical fronts. Atmospheric precipitation - origin and kinds. Turbulence. Powers causing wind. Cyclone and anticyclone. Gradient and geostrofical wind. Visibilities in air transport. Dangerous meteorological phenomenas. Meteorological maps. Climatology. Circulation. Intertropical front. Meteorological informations.


Attendance - exercises are obligatory, a maximum two absence of exercises is excused.

The third absence can be replaced by the elaboration of a semester work on given topic, in the range of 10 A4 pages. The third absence may be substituted by a high quality semester essay on 10 standard pages of the text. In addition, the work must also have a title, content and list of sources. The lecturer approves it.

Tasks during the semester - during of the semester, each student will prepare one work in the range of 5 pages A4 format on given topic, the work must also have a title, content and list of sources. Student will present this work within the specified term for the exercise.

Classified credit format - final test - a test in the range of 80 questions, with a minimum success rate of 50%, with answers of type a.), b.), c.), d). Only one answer is correct.

Other important information - NIL.

Syllabus of lectures:
Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

Familiarize students with basic processes in atmosphere, which influence formation of weather. Name some basic information from climatology and aviation meteorology, with emphasis on meteorology aspects, which directly influence safety of air transport.

Study materials:

Učební texty pro teoretickou přípravu dopravních pilotů ATPL(A), CERM Brno, 2006

Teorie ATPL(A) Oxford, Jeppesen, 2001

Kopáček, J. (doc., RNDr.): Letecká meteorologie

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Time-table for summer semester 2021/2022:
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