Plein Air Drawing (1 week)

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Code Completion Credits Range Language
129XA4K Z 1 2C Czech
Garant předmětu:
Zuzana Pešková
Vratislav Ševčík
Kamila Housová Mizerová, Radek Jakeš, Jan Kašpar, Zuzana Pešková, Ladislav Podracký, Vratislav Ševčík
Department of Architecture

Drawing en plein air. The opportunity for full concentration and intensive work is made possible by a number of days of continuous drawing practice. It brings an increase in the level of drawing as well as the opportunity to try other art techniques: watercolour, pastel, red, charcoal, etc. The aim of the plein air is to practise drawing and the use of painting techniques from sketch, compositional sketch to more demanding studies. Emphasis is placed on depicting space through seen perspective, capturing proportional relationships and scale. On this basis, the artistic quality of the drawing or painting is further appreciated.


Ongoing consultations with teachers, handing in drawings by the deadline set by the teacher.

Syllabus of lectures:

The course has no lectures.

Syllabus of tutorials:

Sunday to Friday, drawing in the morning and afternoon

Daily evening demonstration and consultation of work with peer confrontation.

Annual presentation of drawings by students of the previous year at an exhibition at the Town Hall in Telč.

Study Objective:

The aim of the plein air workshop is to practice drawing and the use of painting techniques ranging from sketches and compositional sketches to more demanding studies.

Study materials:

Required literature

Sample drawings on Moodle-other https://moodle-ostatni.cvut.cz/course/view.php?id=480

Examples of drawings presented by teachers

Recommended literature

Flint, T.: Anatomy for Artists. Svojtka & Co, 2009, 208 p., ISBN 978-80-7352-243-8

Constance, D.: How to draw the human body: Anatomy, proportion, balance, movement, light, composition.

Svojtka & Co, 2002, 128 p. ISBN 978-80-72-37565-3

Thorspecken, T.: Sketching in the Streets - A complete guide to techniques, Grada 2015, 128 pp.


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