Web Application Design

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David Bernhauer
David Bernhauer
David Bernhauer, Filip Glazar
Department of Software Engineering

The basic course of web application development. Initially, the students become familiar with HTTP and its possibilities and partly with some properties of language describing the structure (HTML) and presentation of document on the Web (CSS). These skills provide the necessary basis for the development of Web applications, which will be demonstrated in modern libraries facilitate the development of Web pages applications.

Server side will be demonstrated on PHP technology using frameworks Symfony 2, Doctrine 2.

Developments on the client side will be demonstrated using a JavaScript language with library jQuery and possibly MV* framework AngularJS.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction (web application architecture, HTTP).

2. Introduction of PHP, basics of handling HTTP connections by a web server.

3. OOP in PHP5.

4. Access to databases, separation of database access from the application logic, independence of the database used, MySQL5.

5. Keeping session information over stateless HTTP connections, cookies, sessions.

6. Separation of the presentation part of the application from the application logic, SMARTY templates.

7. Development cycle of a web application.

8. Practical aspects of web application development: Security of PHP applications.

9. Rapid Application Development (RAD) applied to web applications, PEAR, PECL.

10. XML-based technologies, processing XML documents in PHP, differences between PHP4 and PHP5.

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

Students are able to design and implement a complete web application (both the client side and the server side).PHP is the most popular programming language for writing dynamic web applications, and is used as the primary programminglanguage of this module. Students learn to design and implement, for instance, an e-shop, a gallery, a shared calendar, andso on. Tools for quick and secure application development are introduced.

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