Road construction 2

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136SS02 Z,ZK 5 2P+2C Czech

It is a condition for enrolment in course 136SS02 that the student has successfully completed the course 136SS01 in one of the previous semesters.

Successfully completed the course 136SS02 is a condition for enrollment in the course 136YDPJ.

Garant předmětu:
Petr Mondschein
Petr Mondschein
Karel Fazekas
Department of Road Structures

Design classification of roads and motorways, design speed, road horizontal alignment and level design, form of road and motorway cross sections, road earthwork - proportions, shapes and design, volume of earthworks, muss-haul diagram, road engineering structures, equipment of roads and motorways, crossroads and intersections. Urban roads, dissimilarities of urban road traffic and construction, function classes and marking of urban road types, traffic place and street place, principles of traffic calming on urban roads.


Before taking the examination following this course, it is required to have passed course 136DOIN.

Syllabus of lectures:

(1) Pavement design, function of structural layers, choice of pavement design

(2) Aggregates, basic characteristics and testing of aggregates, unpaved mixtures

(3) Asphalt binders, history of asphalt binders, production, distribution, testing of asphalt binders, aging principles

(4) Classification of asphalt mixtures, requirements for the behaviour of asphalt mixtures, classification by product and nomenclature

(5) Testing of asphalt mixtures, design of asphalt mixtures

(6) Production, transport, laying of asphalt mixtures, inspection of finished layers, laying and compaction mechanisms

(7) Hydraulically cemented mixtures, their use, production, paving, inspection

(8) CB pavements, development of CB pavement technology, material inputs, implementation of CB pavements, treatment of CB pavements, inspection of construction

(9) Soils and their classification, nomenclature, frostability of soils, bearing capacity, compactability, function of soil plain and active zone

(10) Soil improvement and treatment, determination of workability

(11) Recycling of materials, classification of recycling by location and temperature, principles of recycling, production mechanisms

(13) Laboratory tour

Syllabus of tutorials:

(1) Determining the design category

(2) Directional guidance of the route

(3) Height guidance of the route

(4) Tilting of the road around the axis

(5) Views at the intersection and along the route

(6) Sample cross sections

(7) Working cuts

(8) Drainage design

(9) Acreage report

(10) Pipe culvert design

Study Objective:

The student will familiarize with the fundamentals of road design and pavement dimensioning. He will learn to use project documentation, he will be able to work out uncomplicated projects of rural and urban roads, including private or special purpose roads. He will be able to design and assess a suitable type of road pavement.

Study materials:

(1) Shell Bitumen Handbook, sixth edition, ICE Publishing; 6th edition, 2014, ISBN 978-0727758378

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