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Michal Valenta
Michal Valenta
Michal Valenta
Department of Software Engineering

Course is based on knowledge obtained in BI-DBS. Students become familiar with advanced relational and non-relational features of SQL language. In particular stored program unites, triggers, recursive queries, OLAP support, object-relational constructions. Part of the course is dedicated to practical database optimization from the point of view of specialized database structures like indexes, clusters, index-organized tables, and materialized views. as well as from the point of view query optimization. Execution plan and possibilities of its. changes will be discussed. Lectures will usually discuss SQL standard, but many features will be demonstrated on Oracle DBMS. Seminars are based on Oracle DBMS and partially on PostgreSQL.


Course is based on a basic knowledge of SQL language at a level of BI-DBS requirements.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction, SQL overview, command MERGE, OLAP support

2.-6. Stored program units, Language PL/SQL

7.-8. SQL query tuning, execution plan

9.-10. Specialized structures for fast data access

11. Recursive queries

12.-13Object relational features of SQL

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Program of seminars, organization, structure and requirements for semester project

2. SQL review, MERGE, OLAP support

3. Consultation to semester project, the first check point

4-6 PL/SQL exercises

7. Consultation to semester project, the second check point

8-9 SQL query optimization, special tools for SQL query optimization

10. Structures for fast data access

11. PostgreSQL - SQL queries optimization basics, pgfounie script

12. Consultation to semester project

12 Object relational features, semester project evaluation

Study Objective:

Practical experiences of SQL advanced features.

Study materials:

Ramakrishnan, R., Gehrke, J. ''Database Management Systems''. McGraw Hill Higher Education, 2002. ISBN 0071230572.

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