Construction Technology 01

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122TS01 Z,ZK 7 3P+3C Czech

During a review of study plans, the course 122TS1 can be substituted for the course 122TS01.

Garant předmětu:
Václav Pospíchal, Rostislav Šulc
Pavel Neumann, Václav Pospíchal, Rostislav Šulc, Tomáš Váchal
Jan Čech, Martin Hlava, Pavel Neumann, Cong Tan Ngo, Václav Pospíchal, Rostislav Šulc, Tomáš Váchal, Radovan Vnuk, Zbyněk Zušťák
Department of Construction Technology

Division of processes, construction participants. Principles and drives of construction machines, efficiency, acquisition, deployment and use of machines. Earthworks, rock mining classes, excavation types. Machines for preparatory and earthworks. machine assemblies, flow charts. Arming - principles, individual types, procedures, construction and dismantling. Backfills, embankments, embankments, compaction, drainage.

Machines for adjusting, profiling and improving the plain (scrapers, graders, ground stabilization cutters, compaction machines, asphalt finishers and cookers), machines for special foundation, machines for transport. Traditional and system formwork, application of formwork, shots, dimensioning principles. Placement of reinforcement. Placement of fresh concrete, compaction and treatment of fresh concrete. Central and local concrete production, primary and secondary transport. Lifting devices, tower and car cranes, elevators, turnstiles, footbridges. Assembly work, assembly methods. Construction of masonry structures, production and transport of mortars on the construction site

Scaffolding, fencing, retaining structures.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Basic regulations, concepts according to legal regulations, flow chart of order implementation.

2. Drives, principles of drives and machines for earthworks (excavators, loaders, dozers).

3. Earthworks - excavations, extraction classes, digging

4. Machines for surface treatment and improvement of substrates. Demolition, deconstruction, recycling.

5. Special establishment, provision of construction pits.

6. Formwork - traditional formwork and system formwork of vertical and horizontal structures.

7. Production, transport, storage and processing of concrete.

8. Visual and self-compacting concrete.

10. Reinforcement - straightening, cutting, bending, bundling, shipping, transport, storage, tying.

11. Off-site and on-site transport.

12. Tower cranes, truck cranes, elevators, turnpikes and other vertical transport.

13. Scaffolding - facade, spatial and auxiliary.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Earthwork - assignment No. 1, content of the exercise

2. Earthworks, design of machine assemblies, design of mining concept

3. Earthworks, excavation design, drawings of excavations and depth levels

4. Earthworks, duration calculations, schedule

5. Earthworks, consultation, submission of task No. 1. Concrete work - assignment No. 2, content of exercises

6. concrete work, selection of formwork, entering the formwork drawing of vertical and horizontal structures

7. Concrete work - explanation of the composition of the work flow (variants for vertical and horizontal sections, variant of subcontracting of ironworkers), consultation on the deployment of formwork

8. Concrete work - consultation on the placement of formwork, shots of vertical and horizontal structures

9. Concrete works - formwork drawings

10. Concrete work - duration calculations, space-time graph

11. Concrete work - consultation, submission of task no. 2.

12. Design of a lifting device - assignment No. 3, content, design principles in variants

13. Consultation and possible submission of assignment #3

13. Submission, credits

Study Objective:

To teach students the basic technological procedures for earthworks processes, foundations and supporting structures, to introduce them to basic auxiliary structures (shoring, formwork, scaffolding). Furthermore, introduce students to common construction machines and machines for related and subsequent operations (construction site preparation, shifting, transport, preparation and processing of concrete and mortar, demolition and recycling), their use, deployment rules and basic parameters. Furthermore, the rules for selecting and grouping machines into machine sets, determining the needs of the machines in the project, using the machines and their performance, the way they are secured.

Study materials:

!Pospíchal,V., Neumann, P.: Technologie staveb 10 - Zemní práce, betonářské práce, ČVUT Praha 2002; ISBN 80-01-01999-3

!Bašková, R.: Realizácia betónových konštrukcií; BELMAS GROUP, 2008; ISBN 978-80-969877-4-0

?Haddock, K.: Modern Earthmoving Machines: Bulldozers, wheel loaders, bucket wheels, scrapers, graders, excavators, off-road haulers, and walking draglines; Enthusiast Books, 2018; ISBN 1583883525

?Oliver, John A.: Administration of Heavy Construction Equipment, John Alan Oliver, 2011; ISBN 095692140X, 9780956921406

?Chudley, R.: Construction Technology, Longman Addision 1999; ISBN 0582316162

?Kavanagh, B.: Pearson Construction Technology, Pearson Learning Solutions, 2015; ISBN 1269780662

:Caterpillar Performace Handbook, Caterpillar, Peoria, Illinois, U.S.A., January 2016

:Specifications & Application Handbook, Edition 30, Komatsu Ltd. Japan, 2009

Time-table for winter semester 2023/2024:

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Thákurova 7 (budova FSv)

(lecture parallel1
parallel nr.101)

Thákurova 7 (budova FSv)

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Thákurova 7 (budova FSv)

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parallel nr.103)

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Thákurova 7 (budova FSv)
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