Aircraft systems

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Department of Aerospace Engineering

The subject deals with airframe, powerplant and power systems, their layout, operating principles and using.


Aircraft Structures

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Survay of airframe, propulsion unit and power supply systems, human, active and automatic kontrol systems.

2. Primary and secondary control systems.

3. Mechanical, electrical and optical control systems, actuators and its accessories.

4. Landing gear control systems, layout, stability.

5. Wheels, tires. Brakes and brake control systems. Retraction/extension mechanisms.

6. Fuel systems, tanks, supply, defueling and refueling system, vent system, fuel quantity measurement and indication.

7. Rain protection, anti-icing and de-icing systems, icing classification, heat, chemical, mechanical and electromagnetic systems, ice detection.

8. Hydraulic systems, layout, classification, operating principles.

9.Hydraulic fluid, components, backing up.

10. Pneumatic systems, power drive, operating principles, components, backing up.

11. Cabin pressurization, air conditioning, other systems.

12. Emergency systems, anti-fire systems.

13. Oil systems, coolers and heat exhangers.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. ? 4. Excursion to the CSA in Ruzyně with presentation of transport aircraft systems.

5. ? 6. Excursion to the Aero Vodochody with presentation of military aircraft systems.

7. Loading of control system.

8. ? 9. Loading of undercariage.

10. Loading of fuel tanks.

11. ? 13. Technical description of Aircraft systém ? seminar work, consultation.

Study Objective:

To provide survey of types of airframe, propulsion unit and power supply systems, their layout, operating principles and ways of using.

Study materials:

?L. Smrček: Airoraft mechanical design and systems, skripta Glasgow University, 1993

?Moir, I., Seabridge, A.: Aircraft Systems: Mechanical, Electrical and Avionics Subsystems Integration, AIAA Education Series, USA, 2001

?Lombardo D.: Advanced Aircraft Systems, TAB Books, New York, 1993

?L. E. Neville: Aircraft designers`data book, McGraw-Hill Book Company, N.Y., 1950

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