Reconstruction of Historical Building Structures

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124YRHS Z 2 1P+1C Czech
Garant předmětu:
Jiří Witzany
Tomáš Čejka, Jiří Witzany, Radek Zigler
Tomáš Čejka, Radek Zigler
Department of Architectural Engineering

In the period from the second half of the 19th century by 1960, more than 250 thousand of two- to five-story brick apartment (mainly rental) houses in traditional brick technology were constructed in the Czech Republic.

Brick buildings from this period were built according to regulations, building codes and laws from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Multi-storey brick tenement houses do not meet the current thermal, acoustic and other requirements, the requirements of a dynamically developing society to the required extent, and in many cases require regeneration and modernization interventions, including the replacement of non-compliant and out-of-date structures and equipment enabling their further use. The course is focused on the current issue of renewal, reconstruction and modernization of brick multi-storey rental apartment buildings, on historical structures and materials, the issue of degradation and aging of structures and materials of historic brick residential buildings, their residual life, failures and reconstruction of historical buildings and their parts. Furthermore, the course is focused on the issue of improving the well-being of the internal environment, the replacement of finishing structures, opening fillings, etc. as an integral part of the modernization of these buildings.


Building structures I (124PSI1)

Syllabus of lectures:

Historic structures and materials of brick tenement houses.

Current and historical regulations for the design of masonry multi-story buildings.

Degradation and aging of structures and materials of historic brick tenement houses.

Structural and technical and historical survey of brick tenement houses, evaluation. survey results and building diagnostics methods.

Failures and reconstruction of brick structures (walls, vaults) of brick rental houses.

Failures and reconstruction of wooden structures (ceilings and trusses) of brick tenement houses.

Designing renovations and renovations of brick tenement houses - procedures, technologies, materials, assembly sturctures, technical equipment and distribution, filling of openings.

Examples of implementation of restoration, modernization and reconstruction of brick rental houses and their parts.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Familiarization with the organization of exercises and the method of assigning partial term assignments.

2. Selection and assignment of the structure/theme of the term work to individual groups of students, selection of a suitable object.

4. - 11. Elaboration and continuous consultation of the given topic.

12. Presentation of the term work, discussion.

13. Submission of final term work (in digital form) in the credit week (upload on the course page)

Study Objective:

The aim of the course is to acquire and deepen knowledge in the field of restoration and reconstruction of brick rental buildings from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Emphasis is placed, in addition to structural issues, on questions of building physics and the energy requirements of these buildings.

Study materials:

!Witzany, J. a kol.: Obnova a rekonstrukce staveb - Poruchy, degradace, sanace, ČVUT, Praha 2018, ISBN 978-80-01-06360-6

!Balík, M., Solař, J.: 100 tradičních stavebních detailů - ochrana proti vodě, Grada Publishing, a.s. 2011, ISBN 978-80-247-3656-3

!Beránek, J., Macek P.: Metodika stavebně historického průzkumu, NPÚ 2015, ISBN 978-80-7480-037-5

?Zprávy památkové péče, časopis státní památkové péče, ISBN 9771210553006

?Průzkumy staveb, odborný časopis NPÚ, ISBN 1212-1487

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