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Reliability of engineering and safety of systems

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A20SIBS ZK 3 2+0
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Department of Transport Telematics

The requirement on sufficient large and often till on the maximum of possible reliability of systems (and thereby also their safety) has totally grand importance primarily from technical of aspect, but economic, ecological (and safety). The requirement can will exerted on the systems technical, organization, sociality, commercial, medical, military, security, informatory and another.

Also on the lively organisms and on the human can be glared on this aspect as on the system. Question survival or sufficient long lifetime is important partial question of function reliability reflection of system. In the lecture will have on the respect firstly artificial systems, primarily technical, of course with sense, that here stated methodical tools and process have signification and exercise much more generally. On the problems of reliability of the artificial systems can be glared from subsequently four general visual angles:

-aspect presentation and construction reflect system that without his basic required function embody also greatest operational reliability and lifetime;

-aspect analysis of reliability surely already exist of system;

-aspect reliability of interaction between artificial, the human created systems and the human operators (driver, pilot, dispatcher and the like), respective the human users;

-aspect recommendation and norm for assurance and guaranteed reliability of function systems.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Introduction to the problems of reliability of systems, basic of theory reliability, lifetime and safety.

2.System functions, parameters of system and autonomous variable.

3.Basic theory of sensitivity of system functions at the changes parameters of systém.

4.Area of acceptability.

5.Methods of the analysis of area of acceptability.

6.Productive profits and methods its optimalization.

7.Problem of productive price.

8.Theory of line (trajectory) life systems.

9.Theorem about necessary function of death all the close of systém.

10.Principle and methods the prediction of diagnostic.

11.Problem of the correction, before correction and the reparations.

12.Methods for increase the reliability of systém.

13.Problem of the reliability interaction human - artificial system, primarily technical (transportation) systém.

14.Decrease of attention of the human operator, micro-sleep, detection, prediction and prevention.

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Study materials:

Novak M., Sebesta V., Votruba Z.: Safety and reliability of systems, CTU, Prague, 2000

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