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Reliability in transportation

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A16SVD ZK 3 2+0
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Department of Vehicle Technology

Reliability and safety of the transportation means focused of road and rail vehicles. Regulations and norms in transportation technology related to the safety and reliability, approval testing and certification. Testing of the vehicles. Vehicle design from the safety and reliability point of view. Active and passive safety. The features of active safety (longitudinal and lateral dynamics) and of passive safety (restraint systems). Adaptive and intelligent systems influencing reliability and safety. Important vehicle components, basic of exploitation and maintenance with respect to the reliability. Computer simulation tools.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Regulations in transportation technology (EC - UN, SAE, ISO, norms and methodologies).

2.Approval testing of the vehicles, certification.

3.Design for quality, reliability and safety of the machine.

4.Active safety of the vehicles, longitudinal dynamics (braking, acceleration).

5.Active safety, lateral dynamics and stability.

6.Passive safety - car body properties.

7.Passive safety - restraint systems.

8.Adaptive and intelligent systems in active safety (ABS, ASR, ESP).

9.Adaptive and intelligent systems in passive safety (pre-crash sensing, biomechanical criteria).

10.Vehicle components with crucial influence on safety and reliability (wheels and tires, steering).

11.Principles of vehicle exploitation from the reliability point of view.

12.Methodology of maintenance.

13.Simulation and computer tools in vehicle design.

14.Information systems and vehicle feed-back systems.

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:
Study materials:

Kovanda J., Riva R.: Vehicle-human interaction, Milano, Edizioni Spiegel, 1999

Kovanda J., Satochin V.: Passive safety of vehicles, Praha, ČVUT FD, 2000 (in Czech)

Kovanda J., Resl I., Socha J.: Vehicle design, Praha, ČVUT, 1997 (in Czech)

Dočkal V., Kovanda J., Hrubec F.: Tires, Praha, ČVUT, 1998 (in Czech)

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