Nuclear Legislation

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Department of Nuclear Reactors

Lectures are focused on valid legislation of the Czech Republic for peaceful utilisation of nuclear energy and ionising radiation, i.e. above all on the Atomic Act and its implementing regulations. Attention is paid to Atomic Act structure, basic terms and legislation requirements for various control domain such as nuclear safety, radiation protection, emergency preparedness, etc.



Syllabus of lectures:

1. Legislation for peaceful utilisation of nuclear energy and ionising radiation, Atomic Act:

2 lectures

State Office for Nuclear Safety - history, status, competence, structure, international co-operation, acts concerning SUJB activities, view of Atomic Act implementing regulations, structure and content of the Atomic Act, basic terms, general conditions for performance of practices according to the Atomic Act, licences for particular practices, conditions for issuing the licence, licence application, obligations of licensees, radioactive waste management, supervising activities.

2. Quality assurance

1 lecture

Decree on Quality assurance system in performing and ensuring activities related to the Utilisation of Nuclear Energy and Radiation Activities, and on Quality Assurance of Selected Equipment with Regard to their Ranking into Safety Classes, introduction and range of quality assurance, requirements for quality assurance system, requirements for documentation, persons in the quality assurance system, processes and activities, quality assurance program, selected equipment.

3. Radiation protection

4 lectures

Goals and principles of radiation protection, Decree on radiation protection - ionising radiation source classification, workplace categorisation, categorisation of exposed workers, limit system and exposure reduction, optimisation of radiation protection, supervised and controlled area, methods of ionising radiation source management, general conditions of safe operation, discharge of radionuclides into the environment, quantities, parameters and facts impacting on radiation protection , medical exposure, exposure to natural sources, radioactive waste management. Radiation monitoring network: decree on function and organisation of the national radiation monitoring network, basic terms, monitoring network function, monitoring network organisation, early warning network, monitoring in the emergency, monitoring network performance.

4. Life cycle of nuclear facilities

1 lecture

Definition of nuclear facility and other terms, list of nuclear facilities in the Czech Republic, siting of a nuclear facility, construction of a nuclear facility, particular stages of nuclear facility commissioning, operation of nuclear facility, particular stages of decommissioning, licence for particular practices, relevant legislation.

5. Nuclear safety and emergency preparedness

2 lectures

Decree on requirements on nuclear installation for assurance of nuclear safety, radiation protection and emergency preparedness, Decree on nuclear safety and radiation protection assurance during commissioning and operating of nuclear facilities, basic terms, possible states of nuclear installations, basic requirements on nuclear installations to assurance of nuclear safety, fuel handling and storing. Decree on details for emergency preparedness assurance at nuclear installations and workplaces with ionising radiation sources, basic terms concerning emergency preparedness, classification degrees for extraordinary events, assurance of emergency preparedness by licensee, identification of an extraordinary event occurrence, extraordinary event announcement, employees and other person exposure limitation, emergency preparedness verification, on-site emergency plan, national emergency response system, Emergency response centre of State office for nuclear safety.

6. Physical protection

1 lecture

Decree on physical protection of nuclear materials and nuclear facilities and their classification, basic terms concerning physical protection, categorisation of nuclear materials and parts of nuclear facilities for purpose of physical protection, designation of guarded, protected and inner area, access of persons and vehicles, administrative and technical measures, physical protection of nuclear material in transport, documentation approved by the State Office for Nuclear Safety.

Syllabus of tutorials:


Study Objective:

Knowledge: legislation of the Czech Republic for peaceful utilisation of nuclear energy and ionising radiation, basic terms used in that legislation, basic legislation requirements.

Abilities: be clever at legislation for peaceful utilisation of nuclear energy and ionising radiation, application of legislation provisions in the profession.

Study materials:

1. Act No. 18/1997 Coll. on Peaceful Utilisation of Nuclear Energy and Ionising Radiation (the Atomic Act), as amended

2. Atomic Act implementing regulations

3. Annual Reports of State Office for Nuclear Safety

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