Experiment Design and Control

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17NRE Z,ZK 3 2+1 Czech
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Martin Kropík
Martin Kropík
Martin Kropík
Department of Nuclear Reactors

Lecture deals with design and operation of systems for control of experiments, acquisition and evaluation of experimental data. It provides information about interfaces of personal computers for control of experimental systems (COM, USB, Firewire, LAN, GPIB), further about measuring systems with VME, VXI and LXI interfaces, discuss their advantages and disadvantages. Next, lectures deal with programming of measuring systems - special dedicated software, problems of use of high programming languages and especially use of graphical oriented development tools (Agilent VEE and LabView); data acquisition and evaluation. Finally, students prepare individual software project for data acquisition and evaluation.



Syllabus of lectures:

1. Standalone equipment, PC cards for measurement and bus based measuring systems (VME, VXI, LXI). Examples or measuring instruments, their features and capabilities of computer control

2. Interfaces COM, USB, LAN a Firewire for communication among PC and instruments, examples and demonstration

3. GPIB (IEEE488.2) interface, systems based on VXI bus with practical demonstration

4. Basic software for control of measuring instruments, control of instruments by standard communication programs.

5. Graphical oriented development tool Agilent VEE 1; basics of developing environment, programming in VEE, interface for inputs and outputs

6. Graphical oriented development tool Agilent VEE 2; control of instruments, I/O drivers, work with files

7. Graphical oriented development tool Agilent VEE 3; work with variables, extended function for evaluation of experimental data, hierarchical structure of programs

8. Graphical oriented development tool LabView 1; basics of developing environment National Instruments LabView, software production in LabView, differences in comparison to Agilent VEE

9. Graphical oriented development tool LabView 1, control of instruments, data acquisition and evaluation

10. Demonstration of system for validation of software for VR 1 training reactor safety and control system controlled by software on basis of Agilent VEE

11. 13. Individual students work on given software project under lecturer's guidance

Syllabus of tutorials:

Students gradually train work with measuring instruments, development tools for software, and finally, they develop individual software project for control of experiment, data acquisition and evaluation

Study Objective:

Knowledge: basic knowledge of systems for control of experiments, measurement of electrical values and data acquisition; programming in graphical oriented development systems intended for control of experiments

Abilities: orientation in matter of computer control of experiments, ability practically use gained knowledge in own experimental work

Study materials:

Key references (aspoň 1 položka)

Agilent VEE Pro User's Guide, Agilent Technologies, 2005

Getting Started with LabVIEW, National Instruments, 2009

Recommended references:

Robert Helsel: Visual Programming with HP VEE, Prentice Hall, 1997

Hewlett Packard/Agilent Instruments Documentation

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