Emergency Medicine III and War Surgery

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17BZUM3 Z,ZK 4 2P+1C Czech

The course 17BZUM3 can be graded only after the course 17BZUM2 has been successfully completed.

In order to register for the course 17BZZPD, the student must have successfully completed the course 17BZUM3.

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Department of Health Care Disciplines and Population Protection

III. block emergency medicine course is focused on the field in extraordinary circumstances. In this context, plays a special role in learning the principles Barts (Battlefield Advacenced Resuscitation Techniques and Skills).


Active participation in seminars, teachers require 100% attendance at seminars. The student receives credit for a combination of attendance and handle final test at 75 percent.

Syllabus of lectures:

Disasters, disaster, conflict, war smackdown.

Epidemiology, disasters, conflicts, war conflicts.

Natural Disasters: Terrorism.

Explosive injuries.

Bio-terrorism / highly virulent disease.

Chemical terrorism / accidents, disasters.

Radiological terrorism / accidents, disasters.

Toxals, decontamination.

Guns do not kill that.

Principles Mimms.

Principles BATLS / Barts and work organization of trauma team.

Syllabus of tutorials:

Basic extrication, sorting and classification.

Secure access to venous, intraosseous input.

Puncture and thoracic drainage, pericardial puncture.

Airway management - invasive approaches.

Procedures in oxygen therapy.

Decontamination, toxals.

Artificial ventilation - non-invasive, invasive.

Principles Barts.

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Study Objective:

To acquaint students with emergency medicine focused on adaptation of the organism in emergency conditions.

Study materials:

DRÁBKOVÁ, J.: Polytrauma v intenzívní medicíně, Praha: Galen, 2004.

POKORNÝ, J.et al.: Urgentní medicína. Galén, 2004.

POKORNÝ, J. et. al.: Lékařská první pomoc 2. vydání 2008.

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KLEIN, L., FERKO, A.: Principy válečné chirurgie, GRADA Publishing, 2005.

Recommended reading

ášek ke kurzu Lékařská první pomoc (2005).

ŠEVČÍK P., ČERNÝ V., VÍTOVEC J. et al.: Intenzívní medicína 2. vydání, Praha: Galén, 2003.

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