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Students have knowledge of fundamental protection of intangible property, overview of contractual aspects of copyright. They are able to design an appropriate contract-based copyright protection and do research and verification of the outputs concerning trademarks, patents, industrial design rights. They are able to participate actively in the proceedings to register intangible property. They have a good overview of the Czech Republic legislation as well as the EU legislation.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction to the Commercial Code. Subject and scope. Contractual business relationships. Categories of contracts. Sources of the law.

2. Introduction to the Civil Code. Subject and scope. Civil relationships. Categories of contracts. Sources of the law.

3. Intangible property rights. Subject and scope. Categories of rights. Sources of the law.

4. Copyright I. Subject. Concepts - work, its types, author, co-authors, creation of a work. Rights related to copyright.

5. Copyright II. Scope of copyright. Property rights, ways of their use. Special property rights. Copyright protection.

6. Copyright III. Use of works - public domain, fair use, licensing, use of special works. Use of rights related to copyright. Collective administration of rights.

7. Trademark Types of marks. Term of protection. Substance and restrictions of the rights. Mark of product origin. Trademark application proceedings.

8. Invention I. Term of protection. Enterprise invention. Licensing.

9. Invention II. Invention registration proceedings. Innovation.

10. Industrial design. Term of protection. Licensing. Application proceedings.

11. Utility design. Term of protection. Licensing. Application proceedings.

12. Industrial rights and international trade I. Obligatory force of international contracts. European Community legislation.

13. Industrial rights and international trade II. Paris Convention. Madrid Agreement for the international registration of marks. Locarno Agreement establishing an international classification for industrial designs. Washington Treaty. Lisbon and Madrid agreements.

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

The module introduces students to the fundamentals of copyright, with focus on basic contract types covered by the copyright law, trademark law, as well as on other legal aspects regarding inventions, patents and industrial design rights. Students are introduced to the legal protection and public regulation of intangible property. The module also covers collective administration of rights with respect to the European Community legislation, application of international conventions in international trade, and resolution of disputes concerning intellectual property.

Study materials:

1. Bouchoux, D. E. ''Intellectual Property: The Law of Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents, and Trade Secrets.'' Delmar Cengage Learning, 2008. ISBN 1428318364.

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