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Introduction to the Design of Nuclear Facilities

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17PROJ Z 3 2+1 Czech
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Department of Nuclear Reactors

methodology of engineering, significance and organization of technical documentation at nuclear power plant, archive, preparatory and project documentation, project phases of nuclear power plants: basic design, detailed design, operational regulations, emergency plan, operational documents, operational records, quality assurance, introduction to engineering drawing, reading of drawings, engineering imaging, AUTOCAD.



Syllabus of lectures:

1st Nuclear Power and its project

Hours: 1 lecture,

Topic of the lecture:

Nuclear power, its basic technology nodes and their most important parts and machinery (basic scheme and a description of the most significant differences between the types of plants), the basic types of engineering work and documentation needed for the design and construction of nuclear power plants (construction, machinery, etc. , calculations documentation, optimization, design documentation, manufacturing documentation, safety report, etc.)

2nd The life cycle of nuclear power plants

Hours: 1 lecture

Topic of the lecture:

life cycle of a nuclear power plant and a description of its stages: an aim to build a nuclear power plant, nuclear power plant location, design, manufacturing of components, construction, commissioning, operation, decommissioning of nuclear power plants, required documentation for all stages of the nuclear power plant life cycle

3rd Technical Documentation

Hours: 10 lectures

Lecture Topic:

General requirements for engineering documentation

types of documentation according to creating sequence, the course of the development stages, forms of engineering documentation, classification according to purpose

Manufacturing documentation

importance of the concept, components of manufacturing documentation, types of documents and their significance in practice

Drawing with digital computers

computer graphics, computer graphics peripheral devices, AutoCAD, drawing process on the computer

Training of work with AutoCAD

basic concepts, freehand, drawing of basic geometric shapes, description, layers

Training of work with AutoCAD

axis, the auxiliary lines, quotation and description of the drawing, rotation and copying, hatching, saving and printing of documents

Standardization of engineering documentation

technical standard, the purpose of standardization, the types of standards and their classification, the process of creation and distribution of standards, format of standards, preferred numbers and their usage in engineering practice

Drawing of mechanical parts

drawing and dimensioning of threads, bolts and nuts, fits and tolerances of metric threads, screw heads, bolt storage, simplified rules for the drawing of bolts and nuts

Drawing of mechanical parts

hinges, pins, wedges, cotters, types of rivets and their drawings, soldered and glued joints, welded joints

Drawing of mechanical parts

shafts, bearings, gears and sprockets, springs

Drawing of diagrams

Types of electrical diagrams - usage and rules for drawings, schematic symbols

Types of energetic diagrams - usage and rules for drawings, schematic symbols

Syllabus of tutorials:

reading of engineering documentation, drawing of mechanical parts by hand, drawing by computer, discussions on mandatory literature

Study Objective:

Knowledge: basic knowledge of the description of nuclear power plants and the necessary development tasks, a detailed knowledge of the types of engineering documentation, the process of its creation and its processing and storage

Skills: manual and computer engineering documentation, knowledge of the matter, application of new knowledge in other lectures

Study materials:

Key references:

Klepš Zdeněk, Procházka Pavel, Kotlanová Anna, Třeštík Boleslav: Preparation of engineering documentation (in Czech), KOPP, České Budějovice, 1995

Třeštík Boleslav, Friš Zdeněk, Pokorný Petr: Preparation of engineering documentation using CAD systems (in Czech), ČVUT, Praha,1993

Recommended references:

ČSN EN ISO 11 442, Engineering documentation - documents handling(in Czech), Praha, 2006

ČSN 01 0130 - 01 0139

Media and tools:

computer lab, AutoCAD software

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