Introduction to Engineering

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Department of Nuclear Reactors

The course is devoted to an introduction to the engineering profession. Students will gradually learn the characteristics and specialties of engineering work, including an overview of the basics of selected engineering disciplines, such as the basics of materials science, manufacturing technology, quality control and assurance and ecology. Further, the course will focus on some issues of R&D activities organization and on selected parts of technical drawings and the work with AutoCAD code.



Syllabus of lectures:

Course organization. Methodology of engineering work. Industrial safety

Time range: 1 lecture

Introduction, engineering profession, nuclear engineer and his place in engineering, present role of engineer, university education of future engineers (introduction, embodiment, connections, importance, literature, historical introduction to present time).

Industrial safety a occupational health protection (importance and role of industrial safety; classification of rules of law according to their legal force; labour code, staff qualification; rules of law revision and harmonization with EC.

Introduction to technical drawing - technical drawing aspects

Time range: 1 lecture

Technical drawing importance, drawing features, standards and standardization in Czech Republic, kinds of drawings, drawing formats, drawing parts, word and additional data, drawing corrections, projection types, their advantages and disadvantages and application in engineering profession, oblique projection, orthogonal projection, projection rules for technical drawing, projection to auxiliary projection plane

Introduction to technical drawing - making a technical drawing

Time range: 1 lecture

Line types, scale, lettering of drawings, drawings of component, drawings of assemblies, technical projection, crosscut and cross section, drawing simplification, reading of drawings, electrotechnical drawings

Introduction to technical drawing - dimensioning

Time range: 1 lecture

Basic concept. Dimensioning types, Surface quality and processing method prescriptions. Dimension tolerances. Drawing and dimensioning of basic geometric shapes and components. Representation of machine components.

Introduction to technical drawing - AutoCAD code

Time range: 1 lecture

Drawing routines simplification, reasons for simplifications, used methods and their comparison, use of automatization, use of computers

Introduction to technical drawing - AutoCAD code

Time range: 1 lecture

AutoCAD code work principles, options and benefits of the code, practical training

Basics of materiál science

Time range: 1 lecture

Crystalline and amorphous materials, metal classification, crystalline structure of metals, alloys, crystallization of metals and alloys, properties of materials, iron alloys, nonferrous metals and alloys, nonmetallic materials.

Basics of materiál science

Time range: 1 lecture

Casting, forming (rolling, drawing, extruding, forging, pressing), welding and soldering, cutting machining (turning, drilling, planing, milling, grinding), heat treatment, combined processing methods, tests of metal properties.

Basics of materiál science

Time range: 1 lecture

Plastics, its genesis, classification, basic properties of plastics, plastics processing technologies

Quality control and assurance

Time range: 1 lecture

Importance and need of quality assurance, principles of quality control and assurance, classification of selected components, quality assurance programs and field of activities in which they are elaborated, requirements on documentation, quality control assurance organisation and role of state supervision

Data handling. Measurements and experiments

Time range: 1 lecture

Importance of data for R&D activities, data sources, data sorting, data handling, use of computers for data handling, role of measurement in manufacturing proces, measuring methods, basic measuring techniques, measurement outputs processing, measurement protocols and reports, evaluation of experiments

Relation of engineering work to environment protection

Time range: 1 lecture

Relation of human being to the environment, environment as a closed systém, influence of human activities on the environment and vice versa, means of environmental care - outcomes, radioactivity in the environment

Syllabus of tutorials:

Training of technical drawing, training of technical drawing using AutoCAD code, presentation of outcomes of given topic literature search, discussion on topics from required literature

Study Objective:

Knowledge: labour code, basic types and properties of technical materials, basic rules of making the technical drawing in engineering, basics of drawing on PC, data handling, physical quantities and units, rules for measurements, requirements on quality assurance in industry, human - environment interaction

Abilities: orientation in the field, utilization of obtained knowledge in further courses

Study materials:

Key references:

Sodomka,J. a kol.: Introduction to Engineering, Ediční středisko ČVUT, Prague, 1977, (in Czech)

Pospíchal Jaroslav: Technical drawing, ČVUT, Praha, 2000, (in Czech)

Macur Jiří, Novotná, Helena, Trnková, Hana: AutoCAD, VUT v Brně, Brno, 1995, (in Czech)

Recommended references:

Mádr Vilém, Knejzlík Jaromír, Kopečný Jan, Novotný Ivo: Physical measurement, SNTL, Praha, 1991, (in Czech)

Media and tools:

PC room, AutoCAD code

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