Heat and Molecular Physics

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02TER Z,ZK 4 2+2 Czech
Garant předmětu:
Petr Jizba
Filip Petrásek
Petr Novotný, Magdalena Parýzková, Filip Petrásek, Stanislav Skoupý
Department of Physics

Thermal expansion of materials, heat transfer; stationary and non-stationary heat conduction, heat transfer and penetration; 1st and 2nd thermodynamic principle, ideal and real gas, entropy; non-chemical systems: dielectric and magnetic materials; Maxwell relations and thermodynamic potentials; kinetic theory: Maxwell's velocity distribution,equipartition theorem.


knowledge of differential and integral calculus on the level of basic undergraduate courses

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Thermal linear, plane and volume expansions. Thermal expansivity of gas.

2. Transport of heat: conduction, convection and radiation. Stationary conduction in thermally isolated and unisolatedsystems.

3. Non-stationary conduction. Common heat conduction equation.

4. Surface heat transfer.

5. The zeroth and first law of thermodynamics. Thermodynamic process in ideal gas. The second law of thermodynamics. Carnot cycle. The Clausius unequality.

6. Entropy of homogeneous chemical system. The Gibbs paradoxon.

7. Common temperature, thermodynamic temperature.

8. Thermodymamic variables of non-chemical systems.

9. The heat capacity KV and Kp.

10. The third law of thermodynamics.

11. The equipartition theorem and its consequences.

12. The Maxwell law of distribution of molecular velocities.

13. The van der Waals gas. The Joule and Thomson experiment. Condensation of gases.

Syllabus of tutorials:

Solving problems to illustrate the theory from the lecture

Study Objective:


knowledge of basic thermodynamic phenomena in chemical (and some non-chemical) systems.


application of the mathematical and conceptual formalism of thermodynamics on concrete practical examples from physical and engineering praxis

Study materials:

Key references:

[1] R. F. Sekerka, Thermal Physics: Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics for Scientists and Engineers, Elsevier, 2015

[2] A. Rex and C.B.P. Finn: Finn's Thermal Physics, 3rd Edition, CRC Press, Boca Raton, 2017

Recommended references:

[3] D.V. Schroeder, Introduction to Thermal Physics, Pearson Education, 2013

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