English Language 1-2

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Code Completion Credits Range Language
BI-A1L Z 0 2C Czech
The course cannot be taken simultaneously with:
English Language for IT (BI-A2L)
English Language 2-1 (BI-A2Z)
Kateřina Valentová (guarantor)
Department of Software Engineering

This course is opened in every summer semester. It is designed for students attending the bachelor degree programme, whose language knowledge and skills are on a pre-intermediate or intermediate level. Students enroll on this course predominantly in 1st, eventually 2nd or 3rd year of study. The output level of this course corresponds to Level B1 within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). On completion of this course students are supposed to enroll on the course BI-A2Z in the following winter semester and then on BI-A2L in the following summer semester, followed by a compulsory examination on Level B2 within CEFR. To choose the right course level the student should consider how many semesters he/she needs to prepare for the examination properly. Course objective: The course focuses on practising basic grammar issues (morphology including the entire tense system; basic sentence constructions) and building communicative skills applied to both everyday and professional topics.


Classification: The total number of points consists of two tests results (Midterm, Final Term), active approach to coursework, and homework. Required minimum for awarding assessment is 50 points in the total evaluation. 80% attendace is expected. If the student´s absence exceeds 50%, assessment cannot be awarded.

. 40 points for Midterm Test

. 40 points for Final Term Test

. 10 points for homework

. 10 points for active approach to coursework

Evaluation scale

Evaluation scale is according to The Study and Examination Code for Students of CTU in Prague.

Grade Points Evaluation in words

A 90 or more excellent

B 80-89 very good

C 70-79 good

D 60-69 satisfactory

E 50-59 sufficient

F less than 50 failed

Syllabus of lectures:

Week 1: Gerund I

The Internet and email.

Week 2: Irregular verbs. Present perfect continuous.

The web. Chat and conferencing.

Week 3: Phrasal verbs with GET. Gerund II.

Internet security.

Week 4: Conditional clauses I and II. More about article usage.

Graphics and design. Web design.

Week 5: Phrases with SET. Past perfect simple and continuous.

Desktop publishing.

Week 6: Midterm Test

Week 7: Irregular verbs. Purpose clauses with various subjects.


Week 8: Reported speech.


Week 9: Irregular verbs. Object + infinitive.

Jobs in ICT.

Week 10: Phrases with GIVE and PUT. Past infinitive and past conditional.

Communication systems.

Week 11: Conditional clauses III. Phrases SO DO I, NEITHER DO I.


Week 12: Subject + infinitive. WILL Future continuous.

Video games. New technologies.

Week 13: Final Term Test

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:
Study materials:

Infotech English for Computer Users, 3rd Edition, Student´s Book + CD

Santiago Remacha Esteras, Cambridge 2008

Angličtina pro jazykové školy II., New Edition + Key + CD

Jaroslav Peprník, Stella Nangonová, Fortuna 2010

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