Wastewater treatment

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Department of Urban Water Management

The goal of the part Drinking water treatment is to get acquainted with technological processes of water treatment, design and operation of drinking water treatment plant.

Get to know the technology, design and operation of different types of wastewater treatment plants for different sources of pollution.

Hydraulic characteristics of tanks. Operation of mechanical and biological wastewater treatment processes. Ranges of WWTP capacity, specifics of small sources. Mechanical and biological WWTPs, possibilities, plant layouts and sludge processing. WWTP protective zone. Assessment of WWTP effects on receiving waters. Amount of wastewater and pollution. Design of cesspits and septic tanks. Fat and oil traps. Biofilm reactors. Activated sludge reactors. Vegetative treatment.



Syllabus of lectures:

Drinking Water treatment

1. Introduction, basic processes in water and wastewater treatment

2. Chemical oxidation and disinfection

3. Precipitation, flocculation, coagulation, flotation

4. Filtration, activated carbon adsorption

5. Ion exchange, membrane treatment, groundwater treatment

6. Process combination in drinking water treatment

Wastewater treatment

7. Sedimentation, flotation

8. Activated sludge process

9. Nitrification / denitrification / biological P elimination

10. Biofilm and application to full scale plants

11. Anaerobic processes, sludge stabilization, nutrients recovery

12. Gas exchange

13. Process combination in wastewater treatment and re-use

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics

2.Standard Cases CFD

3.STAR - Geom+Meshing of the Jar Test Model

4.STAR - CFD Simulations of the Mixing Tank

5.ANSYS/STAR - PostCFD Data Processing

6.Practical Applications in Water Quality: A Lab-Based Exploration of Coagulants, Flocculation and Jar Testing Techniques

7.Laboratory Data Processing, Coupling with the CFD Model

8.CFD Workshop: Model Design

9.CFD Workshop: Meshing

10.CFD Workshop: Simulation

11.CFD Workshop: Postprocessing


Study Objective:

To learn technology, design and operation of various types of wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) for different pollution sources.

To get acquainted with technological processes of water treatment, design and operation of drinking water treatment plant.

Study materials:

Slavíčková, K., Slavíček, M.: Vodní hospodářství obcí 1 – Úprava a čištění vody. Skriptum ČVUT 2013

Čištění odpadních vod, 2011, Michal Dohányos a kolektiv, Nakladatel: VŠCHT Praha, ISBN: 978-80-7080-316-5

Water and Wastewater Treatment - Joanne E. Drinan, Frank Spellman, 2013, ISBN: 9781439854006

!Arne Vesilind P.: Wastewater treatment plant design, 2003, Cornwall

Čistírny odpadních vod pro rodinné domy, Sojka Jan, 2013, ISBN: 978-80-247-4504-6

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